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New Scarlet Witch #1 Trailer and Announcement to Introduce Darcy Lewis (Thor & Wandavision) Into Marvel Comics

Scarlet Witch #1 will be available wherever comics are sold on January 4! 


An upcoming solo series starring Wanda Maximoff has been announced with a brand new trailer for Marvel comics. Written by Steve Orlando (MaraudersDarkhold) and drawn by artist Sara Pichelli (Ultimate Spider-Man), Scarlet Witch #1 will reintroduce the beloved hero on January 4th with a mysterious magical door concept. One that’s featured as a place to turn to when all hope is lost, as a means to summon the Scarlett Witch for those most in need.

It should be interesting and the featured artwork looks quite different as seen in the trailer above. The story is meant to also incorporate not only Wanda’s most powerful magical abilities, but also, see her family reconnected including moments with Quicksilver, Polaris, and Viv Vision. There are also bits that see Wanda face off against the Corrupter along with a brand-new costume designed by Russell Dauterman.

“Two of the major crosses that she’d been bearing for a long time had finally been lifted, so it really felt like a new moment,” Orlando told Polygon in a recent interview. “We talked about setting her up in a new place where she could put her power to service for all the people that she’s realized she could have helped if she had actually taken the time and done the work to reckon with herself sooner.”

But that’s not all…

Darcy Makes Her Debut

The biggest takeaway though is that Darcy Lewis will finally be making her official comics debut in Marvel comics. For those not in the know, Darcy is a pretty beloved character introduced in the original two Thor MCU movies. Most recently, she also played a role in Wandavision and made a reappearance in Thor: Love and Thunder. She is also played by actress, Kat Dennings.

Apparently, it’s been told that Darcy will play a large role in this comic run as Wanda’s sidekick for the brand new series, as apparently, in typical Darcy fashion: the character has stumbled into trouble and has entered the enchanted reality door herself. According to Marvel’s announcement in their press release, there are also promises that Darcy’s got a major role to play regarding Wanda’s new story. One that involves her un-yet-told character backstory.

On Sale 1/4/23

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