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Netflix Releases First ‘Marco Polo’ Trailer


Netflix is looking to woo Game of Thrones fans with their own historical epic Marco Polo, based on the adventures of the Italian merchant traveler who journeyed from Europe to Asia in the 13th century.

The show stars Lorenzo Richelmy (Il Terzo Tempo), Zhu Zhu (Cloud Atlas), Tom Wu (Skyfall) Remy Hill (Treading Water), and Rick Yune (Olympus Has Fallen, The Fast and The Furious). Created by John Fusco (Forbidden Kingdom, Young Guns, Hidalgo) and Harvey Weinstein and Dan Minahan (Game of Thrones, True Blood) serve as executive producers.

From the trailer above, the production value looks impressive with the series costing around $90 million to produce according to The New York Times.

Marco Polo’s first season of ten episodes will be released on December 12.


Image courtesy of Netflix.  

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