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Monomythic Episode 3: On Horror and People with Clay McLeod Chapman

Who else has done Venom as a spiritual exorcist, a puppy, and then a clown?


In the third episode of Monomythic, we speak with horror author Clay McLeod Chapman about his horror-telling halcyon days, along with his latest works in publication, and his childhood and early playwriting origins. We also discuss Clay’s recent stories with the Marvel Unlimited saga Edge of Venomverse Unlimited which he has co-authored with fellow writer J. Holtham, whom you may remember on our Workprint podcast a while back.

Clay shares with us how he’s able to craft such spooky and scary stories, along with how he details, quite extensively, the importance of finding your own supportive group of creative people. Whether it’s writing groups, playwriting cohorts, or just people to bounce ideas off, Clay is someone who has understood pretty early on in his career that while the process is lonely, the progress? Doesn’t necessarily have to be.

Because in the end no one ever creates alone. And Clay, might I say rather beautifully, touches on how his network of writers, friends, and creatives, really helped him along his journey. Including just staying sane while making things.

I can’t stress enough just how important of a lesson this is. Special thanks to Clay and the team at Marvel for the opportunity and for just making awesome comics.

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