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Monomythic Episode 1: Talking Story with Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz

A new podcast by Christian Angeles talking with creators and creatives about their own hero's journey.


In the pilot episode of Monomythic, we speak with our good friend, comics creator Trevor Fernandes-Lenkiewicz about his origins in comics. We also discuss his latest project he successfully kickstarted in Minutes to Midnight, and most importantly, break down where we think we see the comics industry is going. Trevor shares some thoughts along with a powerful message about the importance of a story that you can listen to in the episode below and wherever podcasts are available.

We already chatted with Trevor months ago. This interview is an expanded version of talk and then some. For those who remember, Minutes to Midnight is a short story anthology featuring some brooding tales and thought-provoking mysteries. The project features four shorts written by Fernandes-Lenkiewicz entitled ‘Time Fleeting, War Immortal’ ‘Bear Market Businessman’, ‘Marvelous Misadventures of Melancholy Man’, and ‘Reflections and Other Little Devils’. With each project featuring a different artistic team.

What is The Monomythic Podcast?

Monomythic was a simple screenwriting course I started posting here on The Workprint back in 2018. I intended to talk about and dissect stories because I had already taken classes in screenwriting and submitted to a few competitions. Plus was writing an in-production web series. Atop all this new journalism work I was trying out while cutting my teeth right here.

I already had sort of the skills and knowledge to share. And to be clear, I never really wanted to stop doing the episodes, but because of life tragedies and sort of review expectations—and the fact that recaps just generated a lot more web traffic—I did end up pivoting focus back on covering content rather than making my own. Which, looking back at it now, was likely a mistake.

Why this is… was because I think storytelling—now more than ever before—matters.

So I wanted to build something else to support my fellow story creators, indie makers, and unrepresented voices. At least, now, when we’re at sort of an existential rubicon no turning back point. I say this, knowing that not only are the resources thinning for us but so is the perceived value we bring to the table. A writers strike. The threat of an AI replacing us. Layoffs galore and almost no one is getting paid their fair share. Writing has become something devalued as nothing but an expensive hobby. One that generates billions for other people and yet, is frowned upon for anyone chasing the money, not knowing what it means to truly… well, live. In my opinion.

Which is why I think where we’re heading is a major mistake in terms of culture. So I wanted to rebuild my brand. Share it here for readers of The Workprint. And get some much needed voices and origin stories heard. To keep whatever spark of hope we have as storytellers… alive.

So yeah. Monomythic. A podcast where creatives share their journey.

A different sort of hero for the 21st century…

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