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Marvel’s Daredevil Episode 10: “Nelson v. Murdock” Review

Daredevil Episode 10

People have been bagging on Foggy, and between the other writers and I, we’ve been having a lot of disagreements on whether he’s necessary as a character, or what his place is on the show. This episode explains all of that, and makes it integral to the series. From the very start, you get the sense that Foggy Nelson is a bit of doofus, but more importantly, he is a good man, and the better half of Nelson & Murdock.

This episode explores the relationship between Foggy and Matt. It’s not that they’re just friends, but they share the same deeply held convictions, convictions that set them apart from everyone else. You also see the two develop their friendship and trust on such a deep level starting from college (with a mention of a certain Greek girl). Foggy doesn’t treat Matt like a cripple, and Matt doesn’t dismiss Foggy because of his optimism, and that’s why Matt’s betrayal cuts so deeply. By the end of this episode, Nelson & Murdock no longer exists as we know it, and more importantly, the ties that bind them together have been damaged beyond what seems reparable. Matt not only has been destroyed physically, but emotionally as well.

Meanwhile, Karen dupes Ben into finding Wilson Fisk’s mother, and they extract the happenings of the fantastic episode eight from her, setting up a potential pitfall for the rising Kingpin. Wilson on the other hand, is being cautioned from Madame Gao about his priorities, and the fate that he chooses if he should keep Vanessa by his side. These circumstances are exacerbated as Vanessa sips from a glass of poisoned champagne. The safest place would be by the Fisk’s side, ugh. Please please please, keep Vanessa alive, she is amazing, and Wilson and she are an amazing power couple. Though, I am morbidly curious to see how Wilson would react if she died.

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