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Marvel Voices: Reptil #37 Hits The Goal! of Our Hearts

The latest Marvel's Voices comic by Daniel José Older and Michael Shelfer is a fun soccer match with dinos

PC: Marvel Unlimited Digital Comics

Marvel is releasing a number of one-shots on their Unlimited platform in their new Infinity format this week, and the first one out of the gate features Reptil.

This is my first introduction to the character of Reptil and his family, and it’s a fun romp. Reptil is Humberto Lopez, a teen who can transform himself into a dinosaur. When I started reading comics at five years old, this would have been the coolest power ever. (I was big into dinosaurs. Triceratops was my favorite.)

The art by Michael Shelfer is good and the story by Daniel Jose Older – about a soccer match between our heroes and a demon to determine who has the best soccer kicks in New Orleans – is a hoot. There’s a lot of humor, and even though the stakes are for their souls, it never feels that heavy. After all, if you can change into having dinosaur legs, what do you have to worry about? Plus, there are food truck pupusas, so how can you go wrong here? Also there is an elf with a rocket launcher.

I really love this Infinity format. I read a ton of comics on Kindle, and for the most part, I love the convenience and the ability to make text boxes bigger so my ancient eyes can read them. However, it can be a problem when it comes to splash pages and two-page spreads to take in the artwork as it was intended. This new format is specifically designed for smartphones and tablets, with panels designed to just scroll down to the next page. It’s very smart and the artwork and story here are well-suited to the new format.

This is a fun short story and the perfect thing to read on your phone. It made me want to seek out more of the character, so I’m off to browse through Marvel Unlimited to see what they have.


One-shot launches on Wednesday, January 25

Writer: Daniel José Older
Artist: Michael Shelfer

Colorist: Ceci de la Cruz
Editor: Sarah Brunstad

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