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Let’s Wildly Speculate How the Final Two Episodes of ‘Homeland’ Will Go Down


Time to don the thinking hats, childlings.

This post contains spoilers through season 4 episode 10 of Homeland. Everything else is just made-up jibberish.

With only two episodes remaining, things are heating up to exciting, first-degree burn levels, but if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Homeland, it’s that you don’t know shit. Just when you think Brody is innocent, or Carrie is going to save Saul, or nothing bad could possibly happen, things blow up in your face like an RPG. And that’s why we love it, right?? It’s a show that has become hard to predict (sometimes for the better, others for the worse, SEASON THREE), but even so, I’m going to give it old college try and mash some keys the night before the paper is due while drugged up on caffeine and crushed dreams.

5. Mission: Quinnpossiblehomeland quinn

As we saw last episode and in spurts since the second season, Quinn is a badass, an assassin with a heart of gold, and a liver of pure alcohol. Sure, he’s got his demons, but overall, Quinn seems like a stand up guy. However, after Fara’s death (I choose to believe this was an impetus, let me live in denial), Quinn snaps and decides he wants nothing more than to murder Haqqani and do some DIY work with his Taliban cronies. Many people believe Quinn can’t possibly make it out of this rogue murdercapade alive, but I’m firmly entrenched in the “If Quinn dies, we riot” camp. Peter “Jason Bourne” Quinn has become too much of a fan favorite to die now, and if my number one prediction is right, we will need him next season more than ever.

4. Tasneem survives season 4

Tasneem is a character we love to hate because she is SO good at what she’s does. She’s the I.S.I.’s Carrie Mathison and thus far, she’s bested the CIA at every turn. It would be fantastic to watch the chess match between Carrie and Tasneem continue, especially if Haqqani falls and Carrie is dragged from Pakistan kicking and screaming. Tasneem could take the fight stateside and I’m excited just thinking about the possibilities.

3. Khan dies, probably after hooking up with Carrie

Oh, Khan. You’re beautiful and stoic and I’m sure you really are a nice guy, but see, Carrie has a curse upon her and you’re better off staying far away. HOWEVER, if it’s between you or Quinn for a romantic entanglement with Ms. Mathison, it had better be you because everyone knows how I feel about Carrie/Quinn shipping. After last week’s hesitation to send help to the U.S. Embassy and Fara’s death (I’M STILL IN MOURNING), I wouldn’t be surprised if Khan took a long trip down Guilt Lane, leading to his downfall. Which, let’s be honest, is probably what Tasneem wants at this point. Khan is too noble to be completely loyal to her and that’s a problem.

2. The Boyds go on a road trip to rekindle their marriage

I liked Ambassador Boyd. A lot. I liked her up until the moment when she handed that weasel Dennis his belt to hang himself. Your career is in shambles if Dennis lives or dies, honey. No one is going to trust you after this catastrophe, so you might as well let him wallow in his cowardice. I’ve seen people commenting on Dennis’ “road to redemption” and I’d rather he was on a “road out of this TV show.” And without the U.S. Embassy in Islamabad, I don’t see much of a story for the Boyds. However, Carrie shouldn’t be working in the CIA by now, so maybe Ambassador Boyd has a shot to keep a place in the current plot. I hope so because nobody does stink face like girlfriend Boyd.

1. Carrie stays in the CIA; saul leaves the show

Without Carrie, there isn’t a Homeland. People may hate her or be frustrated by her actions, but Carrie is the guiding force for everything that happens (whether good or bad). Once upon a time I thought the same thing about Saul. However, after his time being imprisoned and tortured, Saul is a changed man. He’s (understandably) lost his edge and I think over the next two episodes Carrie and the fans will have to say their final goodbyes to the teddy bear mentor.

There’s only a few hours until the eleventh episode airs, so get your predictions out and prove me wrong! (I’m probably wrong about all of the above.)


Homeland airs Sundays on Showtime at 8pm EST.

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