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‘Killjoys’ Review: One Hells of a Road Trip


On Killjoys tonight, Johnny and D’avin go on an epic road trip in search of more plasma on the Debtor’s Colony within the Alcador Cluster. It appears that the younger Jaqobis brother knows down to his Hullenized cells that there’s more green on this planet. As a bonus this is also how they will find Dutch. Yea there’s probably going to be some issues with that.


Zeph + Pippin = Zippin

Back on Aneela’s armada ship, Zeph and Pip have a super awkward conversation. It’s actually Pip who brings up that while they were on the R.A.C. it seemed that they had a summer romance of sorts and now he was wondering what they were. Zeph agrees that they did have lots of sex because they thought they were going to die and it helped her think. However, she doesn’t do relationships and prefers minimal cuddling. That clearly wasn’t the answer he was looking for, but says that he’s totally amenable with those terms. Oh Pip you’re crushing hard and it’s so adorable.

Turin comes in the room and asks if they’ve had any news about Lucy and unfortunately the answer is a big fat no. Zeph though realizes that since Delle Seyah was also at the Necropolis, the Hullen must have been tracking her too. Bad news is that currently they don’t know how the system works on this ship, even Fancy couldn’t figure it out as an ex-Hullen. Leave it to Zeph though to determine that she needs to study the Hullen dolls to solve that problem and that requires a lot of thinking, aka she will also need to have more sex. She calls Pip promptly to follow her for needed physical activity.

Inside a lab, one of the dolls is strapped to a table for examination. Pip comes up with the idea of switching the man off and on which actually works, sort off. Zeph puts two small devices onto the Hullen’s temples that gives a small electrical charge to restart the brainwaves so to speak. Once she zaps him though, he grabs a gun from Pip and points it at him. When she tells the doll that they aren’t trying to hurt him, he puts the gun onto his own head and pulls the trigger while repeatedly saying she’s coming. Who could that be? The Lady of course.

Delle Seyah Kicks Ass So Hard 

Back at the Debtor’s Colony, Delle Seyah meets the warden who is having his men search for D’av and Johnny. After a little back and forth where she explains that she’s the head of the nine families and can either make him very rich or very dead, the guy doesn’t believe her and she then disables him and his goons. However he doses her with multiple tranquilizer darts and even the formidable Hullen passes out.

Once she wakes up, she finds herself strapped on an operating table where Clay has hooked her up to some drugs meant to speed up her impending delivery. He is aware that she’s supposed to be dead and so no one is going to come for her. When Delle Seyah says that she’s carrying the baby of a queen who will destroy this planet if any harm comes to her or the child, he asks where her royal majesty is and of course she says nothing. She is able to convince Bea to finally help her though, saying that if they fail and die that is better than what she’s been living through. Bea agrees to aid her. When Clay next comes in, he’s wondering why labor hasn’t been induced yet. Seyah Kendry then appeals to his greed and explains that she knows that he’s dipped into the colony’s business. He tells the other woman to leave and asks his prisoner to tread very carefully. She cuts to the chase and says that if he lets her, her baby, and Bea go she can teach him how to grow organs in a matter of hours. As proof he can cut her and watch the amazing Hullen healing properties. This astounds him naturally.

He releases her but as they make their way out of the clinic, other men have arrived and they are there to arrest him. Turns out that Bea and Delle Seyah made another deal with the home office and offered Clay up in exchange for their freedom. Naturally the company didn’t like that one of their employees was stealing from them. As proof the laparoscopic surgical camera inside the clinic was still on which fed directly back to headquarters as he told Delle Seyah his secret activity.

Plasma Road Trip

Meanwhile Johnny’s convinced his brother to go along with his plans for the moment after convincing him that Delle Seyah can’t be trusted after everything she’s done to them. Fair point evil Johnny. They enter a probe site where his plasma detecting machine crash landed (when did he have a moment to build that??). Something must have knocked it off course but John plans to use D’av’s plasma allergy as another tool to help them pinpoint the exact location of the green on this planet.

Speaking of which, the limited amount of green is still giving the younger Jaqobis incredibly aggressive mood swings. He nearly attacks his brother again and D’av has to calmly ask him to let go. Johnny apologizes and says that sometimes things get really messed up inside his head. D’avin says it’s alright, they are going to find Dutch and then get back to Delle Seyah and then to the armada where she can fix him. He then asks what they should do next and Johnny says they just need to rebuild the probe. The two brothers even banter about how their dad used to make them fix an old gadget. Once D’av has his back facing Johnny though he knows that something is still very wrong with the other man. John in the meantime suddenly sees Dutch again who tells him that the longer he has the plasma in him the harder it will be to let go. He counters back by saying that she might like Hullen Johnny more than the bleeding heart one. She then asks what does he think is going to happen once D’av finds out what he’s really up to and he coldly smiles telling her who says he’ll be around to see that. Woa that’s brutal.

The probe gets hooked onto D’avin who’s allergy to the plasma will be used as an indicator of how close they are. Immediately the Killjoy feels sick and so looks like it’s working. However, a small communication device rolls its way in and Clay announces that his men have them surrounded. Johnny then sets up a makeshift bomb to block the entrance so that their attackers aren’t able to get inside. He detonates it but then gets knocked out in the process. D’av manages to get him to an old medical depot. Imaginary Dutch is still there with John and she tells him that she’s all that’s left of the old him and she’s not going to be around much longer.

When night hits, evil Johnny wakes up and tries the guilt card on D’av using their mom as a trigger but big bro isn’t falling for it. He switches tactic and says that he should try switching off his emotions because it will be useful when the baby arrives. Dutch is apparently going to want nothing to do with it so D’avin will have to choose one of them but that’s ok because he’s good at abandonment. Ouuuuch. Evil Johnny is a total mean girl.

They find a massive plasma green pool the next day and D’av takes off the tracking beacon injected behind his neck. But in an expected move from evil Johnny, he is able to break his restraints, take his brother’s gun, and shoot D’avin in the back. Subconscious Dutch appears again taunts John, saying doesn’t he want to kick her ass now that he’s Hullen. He begins trying to hit her but of course there isn’t anyone there to fight. D’av then gets up from the ground because he smartly wore body armor to protect himself and tells his kid bro to stop hating himself. The two then get into a scuffle.

Finding Lucy

Zeph is able to restore some basic functions to the Hullen doll and she and Pip are using it to navigate the armada’s control systems. Pip claims to be the Hullen whisperer and is able to unlock the tracking which shows them where the group last follow Lucy. Now was Pippin able to do that because of sheer luck or is it because of the spider inside him? Paranoid Turin comes inside with Pree hot on his heels telling the two to get the doll away from the command console because it could be setting up a self-destruction sequence or calling in for reinforcements. However after Zeph explains that she’s fully in control of the Hullen he relents and says they should take a Black Root ship to follow Lucy to Borian’s Belt. Pree and Pip are deputized into the Killjoy ranks since the badge is may the only thing that might protect them.

The three are able to find Lucy but she’s totally unresponsive. Zeph is able to restore power but the ship seems to have reset herself to protect D’av and Johnny’s location. She tries to use the backdoor that the younger Jaqobis built to get into Lucy’s system but that fails and now the vessel’s purge protocol is activated unless they can input the correct security code. Zeph is able to find some coding within Lucy’s system that is harmonic oriented, deducing that they would need Dutch, Johnny, or D’avin’s voice to utter a specific verbal command except of course none of them are here. She tries a voice imitator to sound like the leader of Team Awesome Force but that is a giant fail. Pree gives it a go channeling his inner Dutch but it’s also a no-go. Pip then tries speaking as Johnny where he gives a really super awkward monologue about only needing one woman, erm ship. The three of them know this little speech is actually meant for Zeph. This also doesn’t work and so Pree suggests that they try this a different way. Their next plan to try and remotely deactivate the purge sequence onboard the Black Root ship instead but the Lucy says noted and then goes into auto-pilot while beginning to vent out all the oxygen on the ship.

With only four minutes of breathable air left, Pip suddenly wonders what if the security code is a song. Zeph remembers that the only reason why Dutch was able to catch Johnny attempting to steal Lucy all those years ago was a because he was blasting music and Pree is able to recall Jaqobis singing it once at the Royale when he was very drunk. Pip then plays the song of Johnny’s old PDD and voila security disengaged and Lucy is back online. The artificial intelligence system then plots a course for the elevator.

They arrive just in time after the warden is taken away and along with Delle Seyah they head to the boys.

Dutch Emerges From The Green

 As the brothers continue to fight, D’av uses his plasma destroying gift on Johnny but stops when the other man asks to be killed. Evil Johnny then gets the upper hand again and just as he’s choking D’avin he gets shot in the back by Dutch who had emerged from the green plasma. Weirdly however the entire pool crystalizes and she then faints.

As the group returns to Lucy, Johnny is restrained and sequestered with his psychosis getting worse, Dutch is in some kind of coma, and Delle Seyah’s water suddenly breaks. It’s definitely going to be an interesting ride back to the armada.

 Final Thoughts

  • So, the Dutch evil Johnny is seeing is what’s left of his old self trying to cling on while the parasite tries to devour his entire being. I wonder though if the only way that he could be cured is if the original source of his plasma is destroyed. But which pool would that be and where is it?
  • Zeph is so badass this season and I love it so much. So fantastic to see a strong female character who does things her own way and routinely comes up with solutions that no one else could.
  • Now I wonder why the pool became solid after Dutch got out. Was that her doing or Aneela’s?


Killjoys airs on Syfy Fridays at 10/9c.

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