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‘Killjoys’ Review: How To Make Friends and Enemies in Prison

KILLJOYS -- "Ship Outta Luck" Episode 504 -- Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch -- (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys V Productions Limited/SYFY)

In this week’s episode of Killjoys, Team Awesome Force attempts a prison break that doesn’t quite go according to plan while Zeph wakes up Pree and Turin on Westerley.

Herks Supermax Prison

Dutch, D’av and Johnny find themselves transported to a supermax prison after being taken by The Lady and the other Hullen. The former assassin decides that they need a distraction, grab the guards’ guns and then shoot their way out as they wait to get processed. Dutch attempts it but is quickly subdued via an electronic implant. They then earn a trip to visit the warden whom isn’t convinced that they are Killjoys or that The Lady even exists. Dutch ends up in solitary confinement, D’av is thrown into the loony bin section, and John gets laundry duty.

We find out that The Lady has made a deal with Khlyen where he suggested that they throw the three into the supermax to serve as bait to bring Jaq out of hiding. He has instructed the warden to keep only one of the prisoners alive. The alien leader states that he surely hopes Dutch is the one to survive. His response is that every father is driven to protect his child, but she corrects him by saying every good father is driven to do that and wonders has he actually been one? Khlyen doesn’t fall for her goading however and just changes the subject that he’s done everything he can for her and that Jaq will come. The Lady scoffs and says that when his family starts dying one by one it better be the incentive the first born needs.

Dutch wakes up in solitary with a creepy next door neighbor who keeps talking to her. He says that no one can escape this place and the best spot to be in hell is on top of it. Just then a guard opens a small slot to confirm that she’s still inside, Dutch notes that this happens every 50 minutes. Her neighbor comments that’s cute and he used to do that too. This place gives them a lot of time and he’s used it to plot his revenge against the Killjoys that put him in here. She realizes that her team was the one who handled his warrant back in season one.

In the meantime, Johnny is making his own plans to get the hells out of there. First thing he needs is one of the arm band devices that the guards have so he can get an electronic lay of the land. Another prisoner behind him says, “Hello gorgeous” and he quickly is able to use this situation to his advantage by hitting a guard from behind with his laundry cart and crying out, that the guy behind him did it for Carlos. Johnny is quickly pushed out the way and the guard takes the other man to see the warden all the while slipping the arm device stealthily. The Killjoy clearly justifies his best thief in the Quad title right there. He then pulls up the inmate manifest to find his brother and Dutch. Interestingly there’s a theft proof auto destruct function is initiated but John smashes the screen and is able to salvage an important component. When no one is looking, he takes the memory chip that Lucy told him to take in last week’s episode (which contained info on the DNA analysis of the hatchling) and he slots it into the small device. He then programs it with Lucy’s voice and names her New Lucy, or Nucy. He then says to call him John and she acknowledges with Shawn. Inside joke here, actor Aaron Ashmore (who plays John) has an identical twin brother named Shawn. He then works to help out his other teammates, first he gives Dutch a spoon and then goes to see his brother.

D’av is inside the psych ward and is talking to a chair while still drugged. As he comes out of it he meets another inmate named Calvert who explains some important things to him. In there is better than outside because the food’s better and you can actually get decent sleep through the drugs. Also if he acts up too much he’ll get electric shock halo and then you really will be crazy because it fries your brains permanently. John comes to see him soon and explains that they must be in an underground facility and they just need to find vertical access tunnels to climb their way out of there. The elder Jaqobis brother asks how John is doing given that he’s lost Lucy and Dutch, if anything he’s the one who should feel awkward about this whole situation. But Johnny brushes it off and tells the other man that he needs an electric shock halo, kicks him and starts calling out that they’ve got a biter. D’av is then restrained.

Dutch times when her next guard check is and when the slot opens she pulls the man’s arm into the prison cell and uses it to yank him against the door repeatedly until he falls unconscious. She then takes a fingerprint using the back side of the spoon and then uses that to unlock the door. Her cell mate asks for her to let him out too but she leaves apologizing that she’s on a schedule. John and her then dress up like psych ward attendants and find D’av. After using the same spoon to get him out of the electric shock halo, the three move on towards the access tunnels but the nerdiest member of Team Awesome Force says they need to go on a slight detour to the warden’s office because he needs her override code to open the access hatch. He is able to open her office doors and as he is on her console looking for the information, instead the forward shields open revealing that they are in space and not underground. Moments later, the warden shows up with two heavily armed guards.

The warden though cuts a deal with them as Dutch realizes that she is being paid to keep them alive. The other woman corrects the Killjoy that she’s only paid to keep one of them alive and it doesn’t matter which one. She’s gotten word that there is going to be a hit attempt made on Sparlo, the criminal who controls the inside of the supermax that even the guards are afraid of him. If they can find out who is behind the assassination attempt she’ll transfer them outside of hypermax and into G wing, a much nicer and less secure part of the prison. To survive X wing where Sparlo is being detained, Dutch comes up with a plan after they meet Calvert who is back on kitchen duty. The other inmate says that the good slop is reserved for Sparlo’s gang who makes certain that she doesn’t get her ass whooped too much. The former assassin then cooks up a scheme that they have a business proposition for the prisoner that he won’t be able to refuse, the ability to get him fresh produce. However, their plans goes to crap when Coren Jeers, Dutch’s next door neighbor in solitary is released back into the populace and he outs them as Killjoys.

They end up back at the warden’s office and she wants throw Dutch back into solitary so at least one of them is alive. The Killjoy counters and says that they should be released back into X wing and they’ll stop the assassination attempt from happening and find out who ordered it. She points out that this is the perfect opportunity for the assassin to feel safe now that everyone is distracted by them. Then they’ll nab whomever it is for the warden to question to her heart’s desire. Dutch isn’t scared about the other prisoners, they’re used to people wanting them dead and it hasn’t stopped them yet.

Dutch and D’av hide out, she thinks the hitman is one of Sparlo’s own bodyguards. He starts to babble that it’s nice to be just the two of them doing normal stuff, not that anything is normal. He even says no pressure and it must be confusing given that people had previously thought they had babies together and adds that it’s a vulnerable time for John. Dutch agrees and feels that Johnny blames her for losing the love of his life. D’av is a little taken aback but agrees that sure his little brother lost the love of his life and wants it back. She admits so does she and that a piece of her heart is gone too. The elder Jaqobis brother is confused but soldiers on and states that she wants to be with Johnny then only to discover that Dutch was talking about Lucy and they all missed her. Just then Sparlo and his gang appear in the hallway where the crime boss goes to lift some weights. One of the men go to use the bathroom when the three Killjoys approach him. Dutch has him on a choke hold but he soon passes out from a sedative. They realize that the man has been drugged and that Calvert must be the hitman because she could slip the drug in via their food and had access to the stuff through her time in the psych ward.

In the weight room, Sparlo’s other bodyguard passes out and Calvert appears, telling Sparlo that she never actually needed his protection. Team Awesome Force arrives in time however and eventually are able to subdue the other woman. They also manage to get the crime boss to agree to put the word out that they are under his protection and that he officially owes them one. Calvert however says that if news travels that she snitched then she’s done for. Sparlo counters that no one needs to know that she talked and once the warden gets her she’ll disappear but he wants to know who’s after him. She gives in and says Coren Jeers wants his turf.

At the warden’s office, Dutch turns down a transfer for them to G wing because from her perspective they need to take over this ship and use it to find The Lady then win. Since its only two inmates per cell, John tells them to take it and since they are supposed to make scary new friends he might as well start now.

Old Town

Meanwhile back at Old Town, Zeph manages to find her hideout again despite having been brainwashed. Inside, she sees a small note on a communicator that says, “In case of emergency watch me.” Shrugging, Zeph does and is shocked to see a recording of herself greeting her as Zepherelli, a nickname she hates so that she would know that the person on the screen is really her. The recording goes to say that if she is watching this then they have been memory wiped and instructs her to find the protein inhibitor device then inject it into her neck. Zeph does as she’s told and realizes that she needs to save Dutch and that she needs help.

She first goes to Turin who still thinks he’s a drug dealer. Zeph tries to entice him and he thinks it’s for some sexy time but she says no it’s for a new super awesome drug she’s calling Reality Man. He passes but she doses him anyways and apologies by saying this isn’t insubordination since she is a Killjoy after all. Turin begins to remember everything and he curses up a storm ready to write someone up for this crap. The two of them then drag Pree into the basement hideout and inject the protein inhibitor on him as well. The actual owner of The Royale wants to wake Gared up too but Zeph and Turin agree that waking more people up will bring unwanted attention and the other man is currently safer where he is. They need to focus on getting Dutch and the boys out. Pree then remembers that there is a dead zone in one of the maps he saw while borrowing a company tablet. Turin thinks that must be an underground holding facility there. Zeph is able to remove a dummy feed to reveal that it is actually housing a crap ton of black root ships. They make their way over to investigate.

They are able to take out two guards and Zeph wonders why The Lady would leave so many ships with so little security. She then notices that it’s on preprogrammed autopilot and has logged the same flight path for the last 44 days. Then it hits her that this is how the alien has been making it rain in Westerley every day on schedule. She takes a sample of the liquid inside the ship in order to figure out how The Lady is using it to do the memory wipes and eventually stop it. The plan is to go back to Old Town and solve this somehow because there is no other help coming. But before that they blow all the ships up.

Hullen Armada

Back on the Hullen armada, Khlyen is with The Lady and one of her hatchlings. She informs him that Dutch killed some of them but she can always make more. They are apparently not strong enough to survive in this atmosphere yet but they will be. He asks her if he’s meant to be impressed that she’s cloning an army but she says he should be afraid. The Lady then adds that what separates their two species is emotional memory, humans keep reliving their past experiences and keeping the memories alive and meaningful. Their obsession with the future is because they can’t forget their past. She will take this from them and give it to her people and teach her race to dream of more and then they will be perfect.

After Zeph and Turin blow the Black Root ships up, a Hullen soldier tells The Lady that 30% of her west seeding fleet was destroyed and she instructs that he be thrown out the airlock. Khlyen suggests that she increase the amount of showers in the factory until they can be replaced but The Lady is pissed saying that they have a rebellion. She wants him to find out who is awake although doesn’t have a next step planned. It seems that inhabiting a human body also means that she is prone to human emotions which she views as weak and poisonous. He explains that emotion is the price of emotional memory. She still doesn’t understand why they keep fighting her when she controls them, but Khlyen says that their resilience comes from their ability to hope.

Final Thoughts

  • I am so relieved that we have Nucy.
  • Am the only person who thought of X-wings whenever X wing was mentioned?
  • How does Team Awesome Force stay looking so clean with great hair in prison?
  • Dutch looks fantastic in green (really in anything but especially in this color).
  • Pree being worried about Gared with Cindy is adorable.


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