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‘Killjoys’: Delle Seyah Kendry Lives


This week’s episode of Killjoys was a crazy one as we discovered Ollie’s true identity as Clara, Dutch and D’Avin tried some awesome new nerds, and most importantly we witnessed the rebirth of Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen).

For those who need a refresher, Seyah Kendry is the head of Land Kendry, one of The Nine families of Qresh who control the Company and The Quad. The Nine were the aristocrats, landowners, and politicians. The known families aside from Land Kendry are Land Simms, Land Lahani, Land Derrish, and Land Hyponia.

Delle Seyah grew up in Qresh with children of the other Nine including Pawter Simms (also known as Eleanor Seyah Simms). She was deeply entrenched in the politics of The Company and The Quad. In fact, she had been working with Khlyen for a long time though she didn’t know his true motives. We found out last season that the ancestors of the Nine were approached by Hullen and given a choice to eventually assimilate or to be annihilated now. They chose assimilation naturally and had seven generations to bleed all of the wealth of The Quad until then.

We first met her in season 1 episode 4 when she issued a warrant to find the heir of Land Lahani. The last member of this house had been implanted into a surrogate who had gone into hiding. Dutch, D’Av and Johnny locate her with mercenaries in the Badlands of Westerly. Eventually the surrogate Constance, aids them and she is taken to the Land Kendry estate where she can give birth in order for the heir to be legitimate. Delle Seyah becomes the baby’s legal guardian.

She appears in a few more episodes in season 1 but we find out more of the extent of her involvement in Quad machinations in season 2. She had been a part of orchestrating the events in Old Town, from having The Company bomb the place to setting up the electrified walls around various settlements in Westerly. She had also been working with the Hullen through Khlyen, understanding that she would join them at some point.

As an antagonist throughout of the series thus far, her most dastardly act was murdering Pawter Simms (Sarah Power) in cold blood after putting on a fake performance in freeing the citizens of Westerly from Qreshi control. Her character had always been shown as selfish and ruthless. Her primary concern was for her own welfare and didn’t care about killing others to further her own agenda. What was always interesting though was her obvious attraction towards Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen). She must have been intrigued as to why Khlyen paid special attention to the Killjoy.

Unfortunately for her, Pawter’s husband Johnny Jaqobis (Aaron Ashmore) took revenge. He had faked a message from Dutch’s former tutor to get her alone and then he shot her in a dingy alley. Except though we discovered at the end of this week’s episode that she is in fact still alive. Delle Seyah had mentioned to Khlyen about her own transformation to join the Hullen and it actually happened. At some point she was either saved or managed to get herself out of there. We see her inside a massive Hullen ship having just woken up from the plasma transfusion. The aristocrat’s cruel nature appears to have helped her survive the process. Guards then escort her to where Aneela is bathing in green plasma. Delle Seyah stares in confusion because the other woman looks exactly like Dutch. The Hullen leader greets her happily, saying that it’s good that she’s awake and that she must relay the events that happened in The Quad.

Since becoming a Hullen, will Delle Seyah adjust to life where she isn’t the queen bee anymore? Can she take orders from Aneela or will she realize how crazy the Dutch doppelganger is and try to get out? We’ll find out soon enough!


Killjoys airs Fridays on Syfy at 8/7 central.

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