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Bridgerton Season 2: Ivana Alawi Wants You to Visit Villa Bridgerton

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Ivana Alawi Promotes a Philippine resort called Villa Bridgerton for Netflix Philippines, days before the release of Season 2

Ivana Alawi is a Filipino-Moroccan influencer, actress, and businesswoman. She has a successful vlog and Instagram account, as well as a massive following of over 14 million followers, with almost 1 billion total views on youtube. Suffice to say, when Ivana Alawi promotes something on the internet, it tends to matter. Especially, when she promotes something in regards to one of Netflix’s biggest hit series, but even more so when she showcases something for Bridgerton Season 2 while dressed as… well, you can check it out below.  


Alawi is promoting Villa Bridgerton. An ancestral luxury home based in Quezon City that was converted into a fancy estate much in the styles of the series, Bridgerton. 

This re-decorated villa is adorned in English regency attire with elegant draping, servants, garments, and cutlery of 19th century London. All meant to simulate the world of Bridgerton. The experience being sold is essentially a luxury pop-up experience, so long as you are vaccinated. 

One booking accommodates two guests. As of now, it seems much of the dates are filling up fast for March and April, so it’s best to check as soon as you can.

Personally, my family (whom I used to visit almost every other year) is from just outside of Quezon City, Philippines. So, I can honestly say that I know the area better than most. Seeing something like this in the providence is actually really cool! As my memories of Quezon are more about seeing cityscapes and designs like something out of Trese, with traditional Spanish colonialization architecture and vibes, rather than anything involving British Royalty. Meaning, that I think Netflix Philippines really seems like they went out of their way on this makeover and partnership. 


You can look at the full tour on their website: https://villabridgerton.com. Bridgerton Season 2 releases very soon, in two days in fact, on March 25th 2022.




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