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Idle Worship: The Idol Podcast Episode 2: “Double Fantasy”

DJ Walter Gibbons created the first commercially available remix in 70s. P-Diddy claimed he invented the remix in the early aughts. On the second episode of the The Idol (Max) titled "Double Fantasy", Joss's dreams of taking her own back with her own rebellious remix are put on ice by those with bifurcated tongue. Tedros didn't die in the first episode? Son of a bitch!

There are some things too deep for makeup.

In the pilot of The Idol (Max), we became acquainted with Joss (Lily-Rose Depp), her twisted self-help guru Tedros (Abel Tesfaye), and her constantly put-upon damage control team. Joss’ situation has gone from threat level zero to midnight toot suite, but there’s no use in crying over spilled jizz. This superstar’s got an Ace in the Hole, so the only snuffing out of the light will be that on-set when her music video featuring her ‘visionary’ remix is shot and in the can… but she can’t.

Already more brazenly cringe than any Max melodrama on its best day, the second episode of The Idol (Max) titled “Double Fantasy” is somehow dumber than the pilot. It seeks to magnify the wounded animal but only succeeds in amplifying the grisly wound.

With her team throwing a wet blanket over the scorching remix in the name of her career, Joss endures a grueling music video shoot, Chaim (Hank Azaria) puts on her best fatherly pants, Destiny (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) digs for dirt on Joss’ new friend, Leia (Rachel Sennott) and Izaak (Moses Sumney) become friendlier, Talia (Hari Nef) gets an “off the record” scoop from Xander (Troye Sivan), Nikki (Jane Adams) sees an opportunity in Dyanne (Jennie Kim), and Chloe (Suzanna Son) makes herself at home. Hey, when you’re here, you’re “Family”, right Tedros?

I actually was remiss in giving my final score. The remixed song, even the rough-as-shit version to me was hard. Norton’s take on Tedros Tedros may be one of the more enlightened takeaways, but even then, doesn’t warrant any more than one star for the remix and an additional half because I got to mention Björk and Tricky in a podcast.

2/5 Stars.

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