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Ron Marz and Ron Lim have a new Adam Warlock story for you – Warlock: Rebirth!

Adam Warlock headlines a new limited series this April



If you loved their hit series Silver Surfer: Rebirth then Ron Marz and Ron Lim have a treat for you, they are teaming up again to bring you the limited series Warlock: Rebirth!

These two legendary comic creators responsible for making Marvel Universe’s cosmic corner what it is today, are reexamining the exciting tale of Adam Warlock. All the comic fans will be talking in 2023 with this new series about the eternally alluring and insanely powerful superhero – a must for fans but also a fine starting point for newcomers to get into this character’s prolific past. This essential episode is set early in Adam’s history and focuses on retelling the perfect man’s origin in amazing ways along with the introduction of a new character that will have a lasting effect on his legacy!

Adam Warlock was intended to be the perfect human specimen. He’s fit the bill nicely even becoming a cosmic savior by trouncing threats to the galaxy like Thanos, the Universal Church of Truth, and the Magus. But perfection is an ever-changing definition and there’s a new Warlock on the horizon. How will Adam take to someone who is tougher, quicker, and cleverer than himself?

“Ron and I had such a great time on our Surfer series, accepting the invitation to come back and do more was a no-brainer,” Marz said. “The cosmic end of the Marvel Universe is a wonderful playground, and we’ve got some great toys, including Gamora and Pip and Doctor Strange. There are definitely some sequel threads to what we did in Silver Surfer: Rebirth, but we’re making sure this Warlock series stands on its own. Who knows, maybe a shiny guy on a surfboard will show up too.”

Don’t miss this untold story of Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch when Warlock Rebirth arrives in April

Warlock Rebirth



Written by RON MARZ

Art and Cover by RON LIM

On Sale June 2023

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