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‘I Am Iron Man’ is Tony Stark’s Best Battles

A Look Into Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande's new series.

Murewa Ayodele and Dotun Akande team up on I AM IRON MAN, a new series launching in March


Whether you’re an old fan or a newcomer this upcoming Iron Man series will give you a glimpse at peak Tony Stark through his most amazing adventures over his storied career as the Golden Avenger!

I Am Iron Man, from writer Murewa Ayodele with art by Dotun Akande, is chuck-full of Armored Avenger action. These two rising Marvel stars have been blazing trails in Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood #1, the Avengers Unlimited Infinity Comic, and Nov 16th’s Iron Man #25. Now they’re bringing you a collection of Tony’s greatest hits from each iconic Iron Man era in celebration in Iron Avenger’s 60th anniversary, where Tony battles some of the most intense conflicts of his life.

Monster battles fathoms, attacks from outer space in the desert, a rescue mission where no one can hear you gloat, and more can be seen in this amazing new series. The issue will look throughout ol’Shellhead’s rich history – from the Silver Age, through the Archie Goodwin eras, to the ’90s, back to today. With a look at what’s in store ahead, as fans look back into the life of Tony Stark.

War hero. Inventor with a genius-level intellect. Billionaire. And… helpless romantic?!

“Iron Man has been my favorite character in all of fiction for years now,” Ayodele said in Marvel’s most recent press release. “I’ve loved the character for so long that I had written a proposal for this series even before Dotun and I broke into comics. So, we are super grateful that Marvel made our wildest dreams come true by giving us this opportunity to tell stories that celebrate 60 years of the awesome existence of Tony Stark.”

“Every issue of I AM IRON MAN is set in an iconic era of Iron Man, explores some deep emotional wounds of Tony Stark, is adrenaline-pumping with exciting set pieces, and is rendered in beautiful illustrations by Dotun Akande (my favorite comic book artist and best friend),” Ayodele continued. “It’s the series for Iron Man fans and anyone that has ever wanted to get into Iron Man comics.”

“Working on an Iron Man title—and an anniversary series for that matter—is a dream come true,” Akande added. “That dream is a little over a decade now. Every single line of artwork is a decade-long itch scratched and a very personal love letter to Tony Stark (Iron Man), his creators, other inspiring and amazing storytellers that have worked on his comics, and his very passionate fans. Luckily for me, I found an equally enthusiastic fan of the character in my best friend, Murewa. We have a series of exhilarating, heroic tales we’re sure will be enjoyed by both Iron Man stans and new readers. It’s going to be a thrilling ride. Steel yourself.”

Suit up and take off through some of the Golden Gladiator’s biggest wins and most astounding encounters when I Am Iron Man lands in March!



Art and Cover by DOTUN AKANDE

On Sale 3/1

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