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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Review – “No More Blood”

How to Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder
Season 3, Episode 8 – No More Blood
Original Air Date: November 10, 2016
Grade: B

We’re almost at the climax and How To Get Away With Murder has me on pins and needles. One of the most interesting things about this show is the dynamic and relationships between the characters. How they get along determines the resolutions of the drama surrounding them, so as much as they would love to blame it on Annalise or Wes — a lot of what has transpired has to do with their relationships amongst each another.

Clearly, Frank has no place to go so he flutters around from house to house looking for someone to take him in like some lost puppy. He knows better than to go to Annalise because, in her own words, she’ll “kill him.” He can’t deal with Bonnie and all of her up and downs (and neither can we) and Laurel has got a new love, baby, a new love, Jody Watley style.

The trial this week happens to be Wes’s own and he pulls his best Lil’ Kim impersonation by lying on the stand about seeing Chris Mahoney, his own half-brother, at the death of his father. Turns out Mahoney has an alibi as we discovered last episode, and his alibi is the woman who Frank accepted money from before the accident that killed Annalise’s child. Guess that means that alibi is about to go bye, bye.

Thankfully, Annalise has more sense than anyone else on this show and tells Frank to leave the woman alone. No more blood. Get it?

So Keating Five is pretty much all sleeping with each other like an episode of Beverly Hills 90210. Out of all the couples, I like Michaela and Asher because they seem the most authentic – plus Asher’s cute as hell. Wes and Laurel are weird and Connor and Oliver are annoying with the “will he, won’t he?” bullcaca.

In fact, towards the end, we find that Connor is actually in bed with Olivier’s ex, Thomas – how in the hell does this happen and we’re still questioning Michaela’s life previous to being in Keating Five?

One relationship I am hopeful for is the relationship between President Hargrove and Annalise. It’s always great to see two Black women be friends on television and it looks like Annalise will continue to help and counsel her in regards to trying to win this case and gain custody of her children.

While the love affairs are heating up, business is happening. Annalise sets up Lisa using a burner phone which Bonnie delivers to Charles Mahoney in jail. From there, Frank calls the phone, the alibi he’s been stalking for hours, which sets her phone records up and allows Wes to be free from all the drama once again. Despite what Nate says, Annalise is still continuing to protect Wes constantly.

The climatic finale ends up Frank in Annalise’s house where she explains just how much she cannot forgive him for how much he’s done to her. The death of her child. The death of Sam. All of it leads to a possible suicide for Frank as Annalise lashes out and Frank is in genuine tears.

Next week is the finale and we finally find out it’s no one in the Keating Five under the sheet. My guess is either Nate or Frank or someone we don’t care about. Here’s hoping it’s Nate, so we can move on and get to a brand new hot relationship for Annalise. Sayonara, Mr. Officer!

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