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‘Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth’ Review

Here We Are Notes For Living on Planet Earth
Credit: AppleTV+

This adaptation of the beloved children’s book by Oliver Jeffers is an informative yet soothing animated movie.

 Debuting on April 17th, ‘Here We Are: Notes for Living on Planet Earth’ is the kind of movie you watch with your children to teach them important lessons about living. A 35-minute visual masterpiece that showcases the wonders of life on our planet.

In an homage to Earth Day, AppleTV+ has adapted this short film, bringing along with it, a star-studded cast, beautiful animation, and a few precious gems to take away for the kids.

This movie is chock full of interesting tidbits ranging from astronomy, anatomy, and even creatures of the deep blue sea, covering a range of topics that children of any age (and some adults too) will find educational. A living breathing museum of life, packaged in narrative form, showcased in an animated movie.

Narrated by Meryl Streep, and featuring actors Ruth Negga and Chris O’Dowd as parents, this very accessible story follows the birth and life of a young boy named Finn, played by Jacob Tremblay, whose curious desire to know everything there ever is, sets he and his family onto an outing during Earth Day, to the Museum of… well, Everything.

There, at the Museum of Everything, they find an engaging Earth exhibit and learn all about the world, though not just by reading or observing about it, but by living in it.

With various education lessons, there is an assortment of occurrences and pastimes all providing gems of wisdom in this story, from bike riding and kite flying, but also butterflies and ladybugs, towers and telescopes. A nonstop bombardment of factoids, with the sad but beautiful realization, that there are too many things to know in this world for a lifetime. And though we are but specs lost in a great big universe…

All life. All time. Is precious.

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