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‘Harley Quinn’ Season 2 Episode 9 Review & Recap: Bachelorette

Credit: DC Universe

This week on Harley Quinn: Harley, Poison Ivy, and group of ladies travel to celebrate Ivy’s bachelorette weekend on Themyscira, and King Shark is forced to face the past he has been swimming away from during Kite Man’s bachelor party at sea.

Harley Quinn wearing a red hat that says Head Bitch in Charge.
Credit: DC Universe

S2E9 Review (Spoiler-Free)

What will Harley Quinn do? Deal with her feelings? Find a healthy way to address her relationship with Poison Ivy?

Nope! Bachelorette Party!

Maid of Honor Harley organizes a girls trip to Themyscira with the goal of giving Ivy the time of her life. The challenge? A group of unenthusiastic ladies and her own repressed feelings (she’s totally fine, you guys!).

Meanwhile, the remaining crew and Kite Man are off on a boat conducting the bachelor party. It’s a pretty quiet affair until a person from King Shark’s past shows up. Shark now must face the things he’s been running away from for years.

Can Harley deal with her feelings-errrr-plan the ultimate bachelorette party? Will King Shark be able to face his past and destiny? What’s the best part about living under the sea?

These questions and more are answered!

Credit: DC Universe.


Boy, does this episode ramp up.

Where last week’s episode had a lot of physical action and roundabouts, this week’s episode is selective with its action and really drives up the emotional conflict. 

With some important developments being unveiled, the episode gives us a wide range of characters (both old and new) that help flush out the story. This includes a fun secondary story focusing on King Shark, which highlights how Ron Funches consistently delivers on the series.

We get some beautiful backdrops to enjoy the episode, and we’re rewarded with some bright color palettes. You can definitely tell the creators had a lot of fun with this one, and you will too.

Harley Quinn feels like it’s back on track! 


SPOILERS are present for the rest of the article. Proceed with caution!


S2E9 Recap (Spoilers)

Credit: DC Universe

The episode starts in the skies, following a calm bird on its peaceful flight pattern. That is until an invisible airplane zooms by.

Welcome to Apollonian Airlines! The small passenger plane, getting ready to land, is taking a handful of guests to Themyscira, home island to Wonder Woman (and a place where any man would be killed on arrival). A flight attendant offers Harley a glass of champagne, which she chugs before handing Ivy all the necessary bachelorette party necessities: a crown, a sash, a dick shaped straw made out of reusable metal, and a kit to clean it. Ivy is impressed by the preparation, as Harley is taking her Maid of Honor duties very seriously. She goes back to check on the other guests.

First is Norma Fries, who for some reason has decided to come along after receiving a “pity invite.” Is she still upset about the whole Mr. Freeze dying incident? Yes. Harley tries to get her excited about the trip, but Norma doesn’t see the prospect of an only female island promising, unless it’s for crying. 

Then, there is Jennifer. Hailing from Michigan, married with four kids, she’s been Ivy’s childhood friend since kindergarten. She is clearly upset that Harley was chosen as Maid of Honor and not her (especially since they made a pact when they were kids). She also hates being called Jen. Harley tries to get Jennifer pumped up for the weekend, but a bird flies into the invisible plane, dying on impact and leaving blood splatter. Quinn remarks how that must happen often, only for it to happen immediately after. Jennifer asks if the champagne is free, which Harley says it is and fills her glass back up.

Finally, Quinn goes into first class, which is in the back of the plane. There getting herself comfortable is Catwoman. Selina does not want to be interrupted and is waiting on her ambien to kick in. She admits that she is planning to cat nap as much of this weekend as physically possible. 

Harley goes back up to Ivy and is trying (too much) to pump up the trip and her Ivy’s marriage to Kite Man. Ivy says (in a less convincing tone) that she is excited to marry Kite Man and loves him, which Harley repeats in an over-the-top-compensating-for-her-feelings tone. This eventually leads to a hug, which Harley enjoys too much and sniffs Ivy’s hair. The two sit back in their seats and wait for the plane to land. The moment is topped with another bird flying into the plane.


On Themyscira, the ladies drive to their resort in an invisible van (apparently every vehicle is invisible). The landscape is beautiful, with ancient architecture and colorful nature. Ivy is in awe of the natural beauty, which Harley Quinn compares to her. A bird flies into the windshield, ruining the moment.

Credit: DC Universe

They are greeted by the resort manager, Heiress, and some Themyscirans that give the ladies leis and brochures. Ivy finds the corporate aspect strange since it’s unlike what Themyscirans believe in with their secret island. The brochures boasts Soap Concierge and something called the Zonian Experience. 

*A Zonian usually refers to a group of people that lived and maintained the Panama canal during the early 1900s. These people considered themselves US citizens and Panamanians, so maybe it’s a nod to the Themyscirans engineering and maintain this beautiful island while not being a part of the world in the same way that other countries are.*

Annnnyyywaaayyy, Heiress explains that, since Wonder Woman left, the island’s economy has been booming, and Queen Hippolyta hired her to manage it.  Heiress welcomes the ladies and reminds them to talk plenty of photos and tag the resort. 

The ladies are at their rooms, and Harley, donning her “Head B**** in Charge” hat, gives everyone their instructions and itineraries. Ivy’s shocked at Harley’s dedication to planning and checks to make sure she is okay. Harley says yes and brushes off all the worries. When Ivy goes into her room, Harley sighs and the feelings come back. Catwoman witnesses this and calls out Harley’s over-preparation as a response to the two hooked up. Harley then uses this interaction to confess how she thought her feelings would go away, but they haven’t. Catwoman doesn’t care, but Harley keeps rambling on anyway. She says she will get over her feelings over and over again, clearly trying to tell herself it’s true but not believing it. 

Credit: DC Universe

Simultaneously, Kite Man’s bachelor party is happening on a boat at sea. He, dressed in casual attire (minus his mask) is sitting with Clayface (who’s in a bathing suit) and Frank the Plant (who’s in shades) as they work on a landscape puzzle. As Frank and Clayface argue over if the piece is a part of the sea or a cloud, Clayface asks King Shark why he is hiding inside. Shark is inside the boat, hidden away, reading a book. After being questioned, Shark says that the ocean used to be his home but he left for “unspecified reasons” he doesn’t want to discuss. But that’s about to change.

All of the sudden, a lobster jumps on the ship. The boys are curious, but Shark is terrified. It speaks, telling Shark that he’s been searching the Seven Seas for Shark. The lobster talking leads to the boys asking questions, but, eventually, the lobster states his purpose: to bring Shark home.

King Shark’s father is the head of a shark kingdom, and, in order to save the kingdom, King Shark has to marry a hammerhead princess named Tabitha. Shark argues that what he wants is important, leading to an argument. Kite Man thinks this is an elaborate prelude to mermaid strippers, which he does not want. Shark comes out with the truth that he is the heir to the Shark Kingdom and left the sea to avoid an arranged marriage. Clayface tries to defend Shark, but the lobster slices off his head. King Shark agrees to go with him but only to face his father. He asks the guys to not finish the puzzle without him. 

Back on Themyscira, Harley checks in on her fellow partiers while Ivy is changing her tampon, but all the women are complaining about something. Norma is hungry and waiting for food, Jennifer complains about the patio heaters not working, and Catwoman says small talk makes her “claustrophobic.” Harley flips out and yells at all of them for not being excited. It’s Ivy’s party, and they all have to be excited for her marriage (just another example of Harley’s insecurities popping out).

Credit: DC Universe

Later that night, the girls are all having dinner. The guests are making up compliments to seem as they are having a good time. They all cheer, and Ivy is impressed that everyone is having a good time and Harley is making the weekend work. Heiress, flanked by Queen Hippolyta and guards, approaches the table and asks for the ladies to redo their cheers for social media. The queen is clearly hypnotized. Ivy questions Heiress’ motives and the queen’s involvement, but Heiress has an answer for everything. She also plans on making the island the destination resort for A-listers. Jennifer asks if there is anything to do on the island besides relax, and Heiress lists some options. She mentions a small island a ferry ride away called Hedonikka that has men. Immediately, she is interrupted with Harley saying that’s the plan. 

Under the sea, King Shark is following the lobster and explaining that he is only going to tell off his dad (and maybe get some laundry). Lobster tries to convince Shark that his home is here in the sea. The two argue about which is better when Shark asks the lobster to name one thing that is better about living in the sea. This leads to the lobster singing a song about how, in the ocean, you can poop wherever you want. In an “Under the Sea” type parody, the lobster and other random fish rejoice in the fact that they can poop wherever, whenever. While we go through the different fish pooping, Shark sees some of his old friends. After the minute-long song, Shark says he gets the point (there’s poop everywhere) and compliments the argument and choreography. He is still unconvinced, leading the lobster to tell him that, if he is not to wed, hundreds of fish will die and two shark bloodlines will end. Shark says the song should have been about that, but lobster explains it’s more difficult to work a song around that. Shark says he will consider marrying the hammerhead. 

Back on Hedonikka, in what you would imagine an Ancient Greek strip club would look like, the bachelorette party is kicking off. The head MC introduces the next stripper, who is dressed like Ares, the God of War. Jennifer, very drunk, is really enjoying herself and comments on how she can see the outline of the stripper’s penis. Norma decides to jump on the MC and start making out with him, which Catwoman uses as an opportunity to pick-pocket the man. Ivy and Harley come up and hug Catwomen, with Ivy referring to the three as the Cobb Squad, a reference to their first meeting. Selina walks away, leaving Ivy and Quinn to dance, both seemingly very drunk. Ivy thanks Quinn for going the extra mile for her, with both saying they are each other’s best friends.

Credit: DC Universe

Fast forward to the next morning. Harley is in bed sleeping, and, when she wakes up, she realizes that she is in the same bed as Ivy! Ivy is super upset at the mistake they made last night (the mind-blowing orgasmic sex), with Harley disappointed at her reaction. Ivy leaves the room and walks away while Harley tries to convince her and herself that they can get past this. Ivy goes to the hotel concierge and asks for the first flight off the island. She is told that there is nothing until after the weekend. Quinn is upset at Ivy wanting to leave  Furious, Ivy announces that she will be locked in her room until they can leave.

Meanwhile, in the ocean, King Shark swims towards what looks like a sunken ship (very Titanic-like). At the door, which is strings of seaweed covering an opening, are two jellyfish guards and a hammerhead lady shark that seems older, in a plain dress and hoop earrings, and smoking a cigarette. King Shark approaches the lady shark, asking if she is Tabitha. Yes, she is the betrothed for him. She’s surprised he showed, and he gives a brief summary of what led up to this moment. “Did they give you the song?” he asks Tabitha, to which she replies “I live the song.” Shark is getting the feeling that she doesn’t want to marry him either, which she easily confirms. He enters the ship.

Inside the ship’s ballroom, Shark’s father (the actual king of the kingdom) and Tabitha’s father, are sitting at a table with the lobster. They shake hands as if they had just come to an agreement. The king notices his son has arrived and is pleased with his return. King Shark, who is extremely sheepish in front of his father, starts to deliver the news. He says that Tabitha doesn’t want to get married, and neither does he. This brings outrage to everyone. 

Back at the resort, Harley is walking down the corridor and bumps into Catwoman. She comments on Harley’s long night (because of the paper thin walls), and Harley opens up again about how the feelings aren’t going away. She asks for advice, and Catwoman refuses before walking away and pointing out that Jennifer is passed out drunk in the hallway. Ivy is sitting in her room upset. Harley tries to talk to her, and they have a conversation through the door. Harley wants Ivy to enjoy the weekend, and Ivy wants to make it clear that the sex cannot happen again. Harley agrees, saying it was only a two time thing due to adrenaline from the pit escape and them being drunk (though it happened twice during their drunken night). She promises it won’t happen again and eventually gets Ivy to come down to brunch (not before returning her bra). 

At brunch, all the ladies are hungover, and Jennifer wants more mimosas. Harley announces that she has a big surprise! Norma asks if it’s the strip club again because she left her fanny pack (no, it’s not, and no, it was stolen). Harley reveals that the hotel manager, Heiress, is actually an enemy of the Amazons and is using mind control on the queen. Heiress’ plan is to make the queen sell the island to Lex Luthor so he can throw an upscale music festival (essentially his version of the Frye Festival). Ivy catches Harley’s drift: kill Heiress and save the ecosystem of the island from being used and abused. Harley has been planning this for weeks, and Ivy loves it. Ivy wonders what took Quinn so long to tell the plan, who reveals that they should enjoy the services before destroying the resort. Jennifer is not really on board until she finds out that the mimosas aren’t bottomless. Now she is game for some murder. The ladies chug their drinks and suit up. Time for the Cobb Squad to roll out. 

Credit: DC Universe

Back in the ship’s ballroom, everyone is stunned at King Shark’s declaration. The lobster is trying to mediate the situation, but Shark is determined to tell off his dad. His speech, scored by heartfelt music, talks about how he has a good life for him on the land and friends that won’t finish a puzzle without him because he’s so important. He wants to marry for love, which his dad disregards. Tabitha agrees with King Sharks sentiments (she’s not jazzed up about the wedding either). Shark’s dad says that if he leaves the kingdom now, he can never return. King Shark accepts this and walks away but not before declaring loudly that he likes pooping in the toilet. This receives a louder gasp than his previous declaration about the marriage. 

On land, Heiress and Queen Hippolyta sit in a conference room with Themyscirans. Heiress is talking about uniting Themyscira and Lexcorp, revealing Lex is on a video call with them. He says he’s ready because Wonder Woman is not going to stop them, but he wishes he could be there in person, if it wasn’t for his sick dog, Little Lexy. 

*By this way, this is my favorite scene in the whole episode because of the little “dog” cough that’s clearly the voice actor. Perfect.*

Heiress puts a pen in the queen’s hand to sign the paperwork, but, before anything can happen, the Cobb Squad appears. Ivy proudly announces their plans to foil the plot and reveals her Cobb Squad tattoo, that apparently no one else got. The ladies fight the guards and make good work of them, even Jennifer, who, for some reason, has a sword. During the melee, a vase flies and hits Heiress in the breast, leading her to try to rush the signing. Before the hypnotized queen can give her signature, Catwoman whips the papers away from the table. Luther tells Heiress to hurry and get the contract that’s now scattered all over the ground. As she frantically tries, Harley works her way there. Luther tells Heiress that Harley is on her right, no her other right, his right. It’s too late. Harley knocks her with her bat and throws the TV Lex was off the balcony. Jennifer follows suit and throws Heiress off the balcony too. Ivy claims vengeance for trying to harm the environment while Jennifer claims vengeance for no bottomless mimosas. 

Credit: DC Universe

The queen is now free from the hypnotic trance she was stuck in, coming to surrounded by the Cobb Squad. They explain to her what had happened and that Harley saved the day. She thanks them and decided to use an ancient tradition to celebrate the Cobb Squad: throwing a f******* rager.

At the rager, everyone is drinking and having a great time; Harley checks to make sure that Ivy feels the same way. Ivy agrees saying that, besides the terrible mistake (not well received by Harley) the weekend has been perfect. She thanks Harley for putting it together, who responds by saying Ivy is easy to celebrate. They both share a tender moment.

The next morning, Ivy is asleep in her bed. She wakes up and turns over, only to see Harley sleeping. It happened again. Ivy is furious with herself and the both of them for letting this happen again. She repeatedly says she can’t keep doing this. Harley then finally asks the question: why can’t they?  Ivy answers by saying that Harley is her best friend and that she doesn’t want to lose the relationship (notice no mention of Kite Man). Harley refutes this and says it can make their friendship only grow closer (though the closest they’ve been was the crazy sex the night before, which both of them agree on). She tells Ivy to picture travelling the world together, and saving the environment, freeing female armies, and partying. 

Credit: DC Universe.

Harley professes her love to Ivy, asking her to think about it. She then leaves the bachelorette to think about the decision. 

Back on the bachelor party boat with the boys, Clayface suggests maybe finishing the puzzle after all this time, but Frank slaps his hand, saying they must wait for King Shark. Kite Man talks about how he can’t wait to see Ivy and theorizes that she will complain about the airline food. Frank sarcastically says they have a deep connection.

Suddenly, King Shark leaps from the ocean and lands on the boat. They are all excited to see him. Shark tells them about how he stood up to his dad, immediately following it up with the fact that he ended up going through with the marriage. King Shark says he can’t say no to his dad but takes solace in the fact that he expressed his ill feelings about the proceedings. Kite Man is shocked he married someone he doesn’t even know and didn’t get rejected. He asks Shark how many times he proposed, to which Shark responds with none. Shark reveals that he and Tabitha agreed on being married publicly but can have secret relationships with other people. The compromise was met because Shark can’t imagine being with someone that he doesn’t love. He wants a dangerous love that excites him, a soulmate. Kite Man compares that description to what him and Ivy have, which everyone on the ship groans against (no one believes they are good together). 

In Gotham, Apollonian Airlines landed, and the ladies are leaving the plane. Harley looks out to the others. Jennifer is greeted by her husband and one of the kids, but, when he calls her Jennifer, she corrects him and tells him to call her Jen. Norma Fries is going into a limo with the MC from Hedonikkas as they are making out. She wants to take him home. Ivy finally exits the plane and approaches Harley.

Ivy tells Quinn that the weekend together has been amazing and that the two of them have had their highs together. She follows this by saying that Harley is erratic and runs from one thing to the next, and Ivy doesn’t want to be abandoned by her for something else. Ivy trusts Harley with her life but can’t trust her with her heart. 

Kite Man swoops in to greet his fiancee. He asks her about the trip, which she says was good. He follows this up by asking her if she wants to go back to his place, make chili, and watch TV for 4-6 hours. She looks at Harley one more time before looking back at Kite Man and saying yes (choosing the boring and stable love). 

They leave, and Harley is all alone. She sits on the steps of the plane and cries. 

How will Harley and Ivy’s relationship be moving forward? Does Ivy really want to be with Kite Man? Will King Shark ever find love?

Catch this episode of Harley Quinn and next week’s on DC Universe.

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  1. I can’t help but think this episode played it safe, because of the double standard; imagine:
    Charles Brown/KiteMan cheats on Pam repeatedly, but decides to go through with the marriage, and Pam is completely in the dark about his infidelity – would fans be as supportive? Or Harley goes home to her overbearing parents and agrees to an arranged marriage of convenience – would the laughs be as forthcoming? How about gender swap Mr. and Mrs. Fries: Norma sacrifices her life to bring Victor back and the next time we see Victor, he initially shows resentment over the death of Norma but, in the blink of an eye, he’s hooked up with the female dj at the batchelor party – I don’t think the smirks and cheers from viewers would be as quick to show.

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