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Our Favorite Moments From ‘The 100’ Season Four Trailer


Since we’re talking about the trailer for season four of  The 100, clearly there will be spoilers for all of the aired episodes. 

The 100 returns February 1, 2017, but since The CW knows fans have been champing at the bit for more information, they decided to release one heck of a trailer as a gift for the holidays. Three minutes chock full of radiation poisoning, stabbing, and romance, and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited.

Let me preface this with: this trailer has absolutely NO CHILL. I honestly feel like I’ve spoiled myself for the season after having watched it, but maybe The 100 learned its lesson after giving away too much in its season three trailer. (Maybe.)

There’s a lot to discuss from the trailer, mostly that it looks like we aren’t going to be getting down time any time soon for our friends. We could go into immense detail over theories surrounding ALIE and her role in the upcoming season, where the Adventure Squad might head next, and so on. I won’t, because 1. I still haven’t properly composed my thoughts concerning this trailer and 2. every other site on the internet is already rife with speculation.

That being said, I want to discuss the parts of the trailer got me the most excited. SO LET’S DO THAT, KIDS.

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The return of friendly faces

With the way The 100 kills off characters, I was sure that we wouldn’t have many returning players for season four, especially not when it came to secondary characters. How-to-the-ever, we were lucky enough to see Indra (My girl! Alive and well!), Roan, Niylah (!), and Luna (!!!) in the trailer. I wondered if Luna would play a larger part in season four and it looks as though we’ll see her in at least one episode. From the sound of things out of Comic-Con, Luna’s oil rig gets hit by radiation early on, so here’s hoping she survives that ordeal and joins the Adventure Squad.

Clarke and Bellamy Reunited

I’m not a Bellarke shipper, but I do love the two of them together. As long as Clarke and Bellamy are together, I have hope for the rest of the characters. As Bellarke goes, so does everyone else. When they lose their way, so does everyone else. They’ve suffered the most out of any of the characters on The 100, but they bear that burden as a unit and I HOPE that season four finds the two of them leading as a pair.

Kabby kiss

Given the nature of The 100, it’s almost stupid to try to romantically ship two people. After the loss of my baby, Lexa, I put all my marbles in the Kabby ship, hoping that at least they could find some semblance of happiness. AND LOOK! They’re kissing in the trailer!

Actually, much like in Game of Thrones, happiness is fleeting, so now I’m worried about the state of my Kabby romance.

Monty/Murphy Calling out Clarke

A lot of people don’t like Clarke and her “I’m just trying to save everyone” attitude. Personally, I think she’s done more than anyone else (except maybe Bellamy) when it comes to keeping Skaikru alive, but hey, I get their frustrations. Which is why it was a teensy bit satisfying to watch Monty AND Murphy call her out in the trailer.

New Heda?

With the loss of Lexa and Luna uninterested in the job, the Grounders still need someone they can rally behind, otherwise they might descend into chaos. From this image, it looks as though there might be a new Heda, one who hopefully can work with Clarke, Kane, Roan, and (maybe?) Luna to get the human race through the inevitable destruction of Earth.

Smiling Jasper

Jasper hasn’t had much to smile about these days, so it’s nice to see that he looks like he’s genuinely happy. There were rumors that his character might commit suicide at some point during season three, and even though he can be frustrating at times, I’m glad that he’s still around.

Skairippa Octavia

Octavia has absolutely NO CHILL in the trailer. Most of her scenes are of her being pissed off and/or stabbing people. She’s gotten her revenge on Pike for killing Lincoln, but I don’t think that’s enough for Octavia. Given her callous attitude, it seems as though she’s headed down a dark path and because of my love for the character, I’m unbelievably excited. (Indra seems less pleased, however.)



What about you? What were your favorite parts of the immense trailer for The 100’s fourth season?

The 100 season four premiers on February 1, on The CW. 

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