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Explore The Magicians Hall of Magic, You Won’t Regret It


Obsessed with Syfy’s The Magicians? You’ll want to check out the Hall of Magic, a new immersive experience into all things magic before it’s gone!

You’ll be transported to a different world where mystical things peek from every corner and your senses will be stimulated to new levels. From a whimsical room of flying books to an enchanted forest, the Hall of Magic is a unique treat that brings magical possibilities to life. One of the rooms even had a fortuneteller who had very mysterious readings with a tarot deck, crystals, and water. Want to know what it’s like to be a student at Brakebills? There’s a room for that. Feel like casting some spells of your own? There’s a room for that too.

With only a week away to the season 2 premiere of the show, the Hall of Magic is a wonderful experience for all fans of the show and of magic in general. The exhibit is currently being held at the William Vale Retail Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and will be open to the public from January 20-29. Take a break from the mundane and go see it!

When we last left The Magicians, the squad is in Fillory and had just been bested by the Beast with Julia disappearing with him. She plans to make a deal to get her revenge on Reynard the Fox, a trickster god who killed the other members of Free Trader Beowulf (except Kady) while raping her as well. Will Jules get her revenge? Do the others survive? We’ll find out soon enough.

Check out our interviews with the cast and showrunners at New York Comic Con last year as they chatted about the upcoming season.

Also get up to speed on season 1 before the season 2 premiere next Wednesday HERE.


The Magicians airs Wednesdays 9/8 central on Syfy.

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