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‘Devil Dinosaur’ is Darned Delightful

This Moon Girl and D.D. 4-issue arc launches on Friday, January 27


Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur will be coming soon to Disney+, so Marvel has released another short comic series on Marvel Unlimited to get readers excited for the series. This comic serves as a sweet introduction to the characters, a brilliant young girl and her pet tyrannosaurus rex, Devil Dinosaur.

In this short vignette of a comic, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are celebrating their friend-iversary with cake and streamers, and a trip to the park. Despite being friendly and playful, people aren’t exactly thrilled to be sharing the park with a giant T-Rex. (Go figure!) DD is basically an oversized puppy and just wants to make friends, and is sad that people are scared of him. He can’t help being big! He just likes hugs!

Their party is soon interrupted be a threat from one of Moon Girl’s villains. Will they be able to keep the city safe? Will Devil Dinosaur convince people he’s actually here to help? Will there be more cake? I’ll leave that for you to find out…

Suffice it to say, this strip is adorable. There’s no spoken or thought-bubbled dialogue in Stephen Byrne’s story, letting the art by Arianna Florean do the talking. Once again, Florean shows a real affinity for the vertical scrolling infinity format, using the lush greens to blend the panels together. The artwork is fun and cartoonish in the best way, showing how much Devil Dinosaur loves Moon Girl.

And I bet you’ll read this short strip and be enamored with them as well. Check it out on Marvel Unlimited.

DEVIL DINOSAUR INFINITY COMIC #1. Writer: Stephen Byrne Artist: Arianna Florean Colorist: Pete Pantazis Editor: Lauren Bisom

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