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DC FanDome ‘Superman and Lois’…and Parenthood


Jim Lee hosted a panel about the upcoming Superman and Lois tv show where the couple will be taking on their greatest challenge of all: Teenagers.

The ultimate superhero. The ultimate journalist. Superman and Lois Lane are two people who’ve spent years winning audiences over for the better, trying their best to change the world, and leave it a better place.

But in this series—which takes place after DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths—Clark Kent (Hoehlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) have left their hectic lives in Metropolis behind after a tragic event. They choose, instead, to return back to Smallville, where together, they raise two teenage boys: Jonathan and Jordan.


How can you be good at your job when you have kids? 

It’s definitely a unique approach to the series. One that takes a modern look at the balance between work and family. Especially, in modern society, where work demands become ever-more-so life demands, and the duties of careers are so specialized and overwhelming that they reach beyond a regular 9-5. What’s interesting, is that this series looks at this very problem from the perspective of two larger than life characters. An introspective look at Superman and Lois not just as heroes, but as parents; dedicated to jobs that matter…

But at what cost? Because someone will always need to be saved. And the truth will always get deeper the further down the rabbit hole one can go. What the show is all about is addressing a modern problem: how does one find the balance that doesn’t alienate your children?


Other Reveals

It’s confirmed that Lana Lang will also feature in some role within the series. Not as a conflicting love-interest, given that Superman and Lois are happily married (the showrunners confirmed it during the event), but rather as an old fling. Someone Clark can reunite with in their small hometown in the show. The show is also going to be focusing in on Smallville more than ever before.

Likewise, work will be heavily stressed. Where Lois is hunting enemies and finding the truth behind the scenes, and Superman will be working in tandem to stop the baddies. There will also be a new super suit for the original series. And although this Supergirl spinoff wrapped-up shooting production just prior to the Covid-19 shutdown, the show is expected to meet its release in January 2021.

Supergirl — Image Number: Superman-Lois_Firstlook.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Tyler Hoechlin as Superman and Bitsie Tulloch as Lois Lane — Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.



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