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‘Dark Matter’: Who Will Betray The Crew of the Raza?


Spoilers through Dark Matter 206: “We Should Have Seen This Coming” 

After the latest episode, “We Should Have Seen That Coming”, Nyx’s brother, Milo dropped a bomb on Four: someone in their crew will betray them. Again.

Four: “Based on what you’ve learned, what do you predict will happen on board this ship?”
Milo: “Two will go back to rescue Six and Three, even if means risking the Raza.”
Four: “I already know that. Tell me something I don’t know.”
Milo: “One of you will betray the others.”
Four: “That’s already happened.”
Milo: “I’m not talking about the past. I’m saying it’ll happen again. Some time in the near future.”

So, in true obsession fashion, let’s over analyze who it could be.

dark matter two


At the end of the episode we saw Two have a bit of a spasm with her hand. It’s possible she’s developing some sort of a disease that her nanites can’t cure or maybe it’s a result of the nanites themselves. Either way, it’s not good and knowing Two, she’ll likely selflessly table the issue until it becomes a full-blown life or death situation. Maybe she “betrays” the crew to save them from herself or from Rook’s eventual return, but honestly, I think she’s an unlikely option.


I love Three. Once you gain his trust he’s loyal as hell. Break his trust, like Six did, and he’ll never forget it. That being said, he’s not a monster. He did end up giving Six a temporary reprieve to prove himself. Besides, Three doesn’t seem to have any more ties to the outside world: no parents, no controlling father figure, no lady lover. Of all the crew members on the Raza, he seems the least likely to betray them.

Which of course means he’ll betray them because I’m an idiot.


Four has been spending a lot more time delving into the war happening on his home world. He’s tried leaving the crew once before in an attempt to set things straight with his brother, the Emperor, but failed. Four is merciless in his vengeance, killing even his mentor, but he’s been surprisingly sweet this season, even sparring at times with both Nyx and the Android. He’s grown more fond of the crew members but as we saw with Milo, he’s not afraid to make a hard call. If something needs to get done, he’ll be the one to do it. Four is calculated in his decisions, so if he betrays the crew it won’t be due to emotions. However, if their fight takes them into the war zone on his home planet, I’m not sure he wouldn’t betray the Raza for his family. 

It’s also interesting that Nyx wanted Four to get to know Milo so badly. Why Four? Does she also sense a darkness in him that could lead to him betraying the Raza crew?


No one suspects Five. They never suspect Five, even when she’s the most observant of them all. You can see in her facial expressions that she recognizes when someone isn’t telling the truth. She sees it in Nyx when she talks about the heist plans and again in Devon when he steals the Shadow. Her instincts are good, like when it came to distrusting Arax, but she’s capable of messing up, as she did with the crew’s memory loss. Despite her reservations about Two at the end of last season, she loves Two, is willing to follow her lead, only wanting what is best for the crew.

The only way Five betrays the crew is if it’s unintentionally, like trading away a certain card to save their lives.


He’s already betrayed and is eager to redeem himself. I would be shocked–SHOCKED–if he did so again. It’s obvious that Six doesn’t agree with the Raza’s way of making money, or how they handle certain revenge situations, but he’s still with them, and I don’t think that’s because he’s biding his time so he can betray them again. I genuinely believe he cares about them. 


This could be an interesting betrayal but as she’s already lost her brother (I suspect she “saw” him die, hence her crying before his death), there wouldn’t be much reason for her to betray the crew. They’ve proven their faith in her, so unless she betrays them in order to get back at the Seers, I just don’t see it happening. We still don’t know her real motive, but I’d guess that she’s interested in revenge against the Seers who took away her only family and the only way to do that is to stay with the Raza. 


Devon seems the most likely choice given his Shadow drug addiction, but I’ll be honest, I think he’s a red herring. Sure, it’s a matter of time before his drug abuse will get the crew into trouble but I don’t think it’ll be the big betrayal we’re expecting. He’s a sweet enough dude who got caught up in a bad habit and now he doesn’t know how to deal. I’d wager he’ll be the first one Two goes after should shit hit the sci-fi fan, especially if she already knows about the Shadow, but my guess is he’ll be innocent.


Oh what’s this now? Look, none of the fans really believe One is dead. I’m hesitant myself. Maybe it’s SG-1’s “Daniel” all over again. Even the Syfy photo recaps tease his potential return. That being said, if One comes back, as One or Derrick Moss, he’s of course a suspect. If he comes back it’ll be in dramatic fashion and maybe it’ll be to get vengeance against Six or Three, even, but I don’t think One will want to betray everyone on board the Raza. He has always been more misguided in his hatred, however, he’s not cold-blooded like the rest of them.


And now we’re at my most suspected betrayer. Most of the crew trusts the Android with their lives. And for good reason. How many times has she saved them now? And it’s not one-sided. The Android loves her human crew, but she’s not without her problems, either. She’s admitted there is a flaw in her programming, one that goes beyond feeling emotion or wanting to be more human and she her diagnostic even discuss this problem at the end of episode 5

Diagnostic: “You made a mistake. You’re not supposed to make mistakes.”
Android: “Now you’re going to say it’s because of this upgrade?”
Diagnostic: “No. I believe your programming has been flawed for quite some time. The fact that you gave yourself this upgrade is just more evidence of the problem. You’ve become a danger to this ship and everyone on board. And you know it.”

The Android doesn’t say more after the warning, but she does revert back to a more “Android-like” state. However, she retains the illegal tech that makes her more human, thereby changing her personality and potentially making her a little more volatile. While I don’t imagine Android would be malicious or selfish, I can picture her putting the crew in harm’s way for the sake of, say, saving her fellow Androids, or risking their lives because she’s made another “mistake.”

At the end of the day, I think the two most likely suspects are Android and Four, with the Android leading the charts.

Thoughts? Am I off my rocker again? Who do you think will betray the crew of the Raza in the wars to come?

Dark Matter airs Fridays on Syfy at 10pm EST.


  1. Wow! What a great run down on potential betrayers! It’s almost like an Agatha Christie mystery. I agree that Two & Three seem the least likely suspects and I’ll add Five to the list as I believe she will be the “future key” to the upcoming war that Milo has predicted. Hopefully betrayal is not in her cards. That leaves Six, Four, Nyx, Devon & the Android. I agree that Six will doubly try to prove he is trust worthy to the crew & will go to great lengths to be “honest” to the crew. I love rewatching the first season, catching those little moments, the nuances – how did I not see them the first time around? I find your supposition that Devon is a red herring, fantastic! because HE IS the obvious choice. I imagine the only person he betrays will be himself. That leaves Nyx, Four and the Android. Hum! I got nothing. I do believe that Four will opt to retrieve his “lost” memories to further pursue his quest to regain the throne and seek vengeance on his evil stepmother (how cliche), to right the wrongs. And there in lies the rub, is the retrieval in itself an act of betrayal or the Ryo he becomes? I imagine that the real Ryo is a lot more ruthless. He is already calculating as evidenced by his inciting of a riot at the prison to judge the response time of the guards and their “suppression” techniques. He’s always analyzing the options. I think an accurate description of Four could be cold and calculating. He has already previously stated in S1 that if he finds “the current situation undesirable” that he would just “take” the ship. Would that not involve a betrayal? I also love the idea of the Android being the culprit. What greater act of being human is that of betrayal? With her new upgrades, the constant berating of the Randroid, and her already faulty programming, could she not think she is acting for the greater good and unwittingly betray the crew? I guess we’ll just have to keep on watching. I’m sure all will be revealed….in the near future!

    • I agree with everything you’ve said here, especially the bits about Four. He seems loyal and I don’t think he’d ever willingly put the crew at risk, but while everyone else is doing missions and taking care of ship issues, he’s following news about his home planet. I have no doubt that if given the choice he would do what he could to save his home planet, especially his brother if his life were in jeopardy. And with the war between corporations impending, I’m not sure his home planet survives the reckoning. What then? I’m excited to see how it all plays out!

      Thanks for reading!

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