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Brute Force Kicks-Off a Marvel Unlimited Run With Issues 1-6 Available Now

Because Marvel Animals Make Adorable Team-Ups on its Infinity Comics


Available right now, Brute Force sees a six-issue vertical story for its Marvel Unlimited vertical comics. Written by Paul Scheer and Nick Giovanetti, with art by Geoffo, this animal super-strike force is based on the popular toy-line driven comics line from the early 90s and were also later popularized by comedian Paul Scheer’s appearance in the Marvel 616 documentary series on Disney+ back in 2020.

The five animals that make up the strike force are a series of powerful and intelligent little creatures. A lion, Eagle, Kangaroo, Bear, and Dolphin specifically. Forged into a team by a brilliant scientist to become champions of the animal kingdom, the group struggles to find their place in the world after the death of their maker. Becoming Earth’s unusual defenders, not exactly animals though also not entirely human.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen animal team-ups adapted into a Marvel property. Admittedly, James Gunn even incorporated a bit of the acclaimed We3 comic by Grant Morrison, into an animal storyline that inspired Rocket’s heartbreaking scenes in Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 3.

You can check out details of Brute Force below.


Writers: Paul Scheer, Nick Giovanetti
Artist: Geoffo

Colorist: Dee Cunniffe

Editors: Lauren Amaro, Jordan White

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