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Brand-new Invincible Iron Man #1 covers usher in a new age for Tony Stark!

December’s Invincible Iron Man #1 starts a new run by Gerry Duggan and Juan Frigeri



Winter is coming, and with it, a new Iron Man comic series arrives on the scene to coincide with the armored Avenger’s 60th anniversary. Written by Gerry Duggan with art by Juan Frigeri, Invincible Iron Man will challenge Tony’s limits after a crushing loss from a looming villain that’s been creating havoc throughout the Marvel Universe.

“Tony will be tested, as will the armor,” Duggan told CBR in a recent interview. “As a longtime Iron Man fan, I’m very happy to be throwing everything from my years of notes on the character into one big story. I’ve only pitched stories with beginnings, middles and ends for a while now, and I’m getting to execute on my favorite ideas for both Tony and Iron Man. There is an attempt by our villain to make Tony his own worst enemy.”

No spoilers, but rest assured that Tony Stark is up against a more than adequate foe! It’ll take quick thinking and unpredictable moves in the upcoming months to regain his footing, including making some unusual allies that could teach Iron Man some new tricks.

In honor of this new age, we’ve got both a new trailer and some of Marvel’s best artists working on variant covers for the first issue! Here, we can see Tony in magnificent pinups and fans can also get covers that will focus on his timeless influence.

We also can see Ivan Tao’s Ironheart cover and get ready for this spotlight-stealing hero to shine in the new series! If you really want a meal, Bob Layton’s fantastic connecting covers will leave you stuffed! It’s the house party protocol in print with Tony’s various armors from his 60-year history on full display!

“I think it’s safe to say that there has not been a reckoning for some of the secrets that Howard Stark had. And so very much, it is a family drama, even though Howard is gone. [Jonathan] Hickman left a lot of gifts behind. Cantwell is leaving a lot of gifts behind. And the gift that I intend to bring to Tony as a forever gift, hopefully, and obviously future creators and future editors will get to decide this, is whether or not this new Iron Man villain that’s coming along is going to be a forever gift. I certainly intend it to be,” Duggan told IGN in a recent interview.

Check out the covers now, including the full Layton connecting cover that will grace the first eight issues of the series!


Cover by KAEL NGU – 75960620424300111


Variant Cover by MARCO CHECCHETTO & MARCIO MENYZ – 75960620424300161


Variant Cover by PEPE LARRAZ & MARTE GRACIA – 75960620424300151


Connecting Cover by BOB LAYTON & PAUL MOUNTS – 75960620424300131


Hidden Gem Variant Cover by JOHN ROMITA JR. & FRANK D’ARMATA – 75960620424300141


X-Treme Marvel Variant Cover by DECLAN SHALVEY – 75960620424300121


Variant Cover by IVAN TAO – 75960620424300181

Virgin Variant Cover by IVAN TAO – 75960620424300191


Variant Cover by LUCIANO VECCHIO –75960620424300171

On Sale 12/14

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