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‘Batora: Lost Haven’ Official Launch Revealed for Nintendo Switch

Check Out The New Trailer of This Indie Action-RPG

batora: lost haven

The teams behind Team17 and Stormwind Games have announced just now, that Batora: Lost Haven will launch on April 6th for the Nintendo Switch. Originally released on Playstation and Xbox, along with the beloved Steam bundle in 2022, this action-RPG hack-and-slash is not only physically fun in terms of gameplay with its twin-stick shooting capabilities, but also, features a surprisingly intricate puzzle system. A fun combat adventure perfect for a Switch console release.



Batroa: Lost Haven sees Avril on an interstellar adventure across the galaxy while wielding her dual powers of Sun and Moon. Set across a galaxy of alien planets, witness the power of Avril as she’s challenged both mind and spirit. In a story that branches into multiple narratives, each with its own different ending. A tale of figuring out how much we’re willing to sacrifice for the ones we love.

Batora: Lost Haven Key Features

  • Answer destiny’s call: Join Avril as she journeys across the universe, uncovering ancient secrets, wielding unimaginable power, and making life altering decisions
  • Fast-paced, multi-layered combat: Harness the powers of the Sun and Moon, leveraging the power of the mind and body in frenetic battles against unearthly enemies
  • Choose you path: Consider your actions and forge your path in an epic, interplanetary tale, ultimately deciding just how much you’re willing to sacrifice for love
  • Intricate puzzle solving: Solve intricate puzzles and otherworldly challenges, putting Avril’s mind and body to the ultimate test

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