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’12 Monkeys’ S3 Episodes 301-304 Review: Witness The Beginning

12 MONKEYS -- "Mother" Episode 301 -- Pictured: Amanda Schull as Cassandra Railly -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/Syfy)

Spoilers through season 3, episodes 1-4 of 12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys season three picks up with Cole scouring the world in 2163, planting beacons in an attempt to get any whiff of Titan’s temporal signature in order to find Dr. Cassandra Railly. At the end of the last season, the gambit to go to Titan and kill the Witness had been a trap to get Cassie to the facility as she is carrying the child who would grow up to be the leader of the 12 Monkeys one day.

Cole is determined to locate his ladylove even though Jones and the others argue that it’s a lost cause and he needs to let it go and focus on the mission (to discover Titan’s true purpose and stop the Witness). To the chrononaut however it’s the same thing. He begs Jones to let him do this because the last beacon he placed picked up something and if there’s any chance whatsoever he’s going to take it. The scientist reluctantly agrees but says that Hannah must go with him.

Cole and Hannah splinter to 2163 and are able to locate the beacon but the battery appears to be dead. She is ready to go back but he refuses to and just as they get into an argument, the instrument lights up again and begins to omit a sound. Looks like it’s locked onto Titan’s signature and Cole is ready to go follow it. Unfortunately his companion thinks they need to go back to the facility and formulate a real plan, but he insists that it’s just going to disappear again if he doesn’t chase it now. The two fight and he manages to stab her with the instant tether splintering her back to their present. Using the beacon, he is able to find Titan at last, taking him one step closer to Cassie.

Our first look of the doctor is inside her room that is covered with red foliage within the time traveling city. She is dressed in a red dress and is very pregnant. Cassie is urged to eat by a kind handmaiden who has been raised in Titan. Then we meet the formidable 12 Monkeys sister, Magdalena, played by the talented Hannah Waddingham, whom many may know as Septa Unella from Game of Thrones. She is a terribly imposing figure who tells Cassie that she should be honored that the Witness chose her as his vessel. They also have a creepy conversation on how the mother isn’t just the person giving birth to the child but the one who gives comfort and love. Well that isn’t foreboding at all.

Meanwhile Cole is running through a forest to reach Titan when a mysterious man appears in front of him (with his face covered) wearing a strange looking vest that lights up. They begin to battle and just as Cole is about to punch the other dude the guy vanishes only to reappear behind. More punches are thrown and the time traveller is able to kick mysterious man in the nuts and who then disappears again.

Back at Titan, Pallid Man is made aware that Cole is nearby and so he is forced to change their plans and postpone Cassie’s/Mother’s unveiling. Speaking of which, she is en-route to the Red Theater with her handmaidens when the lead girl Arianne hears the bells tolling indicating that Titan is about to splinter. She instructs that they need to go back to the room and the small group begins to make their way. Seizing the moment, Cassie uses a butterfly hair pin and stabs two of the girls and then pleads with Arianne to help her get home and she promised that she would also help her get back to her family. The younger woman agrees and shows her an exit. Sadly other members of the 12 Monkeys stand in their way of exiting the facility. But then Cole arrives the two lovers see each other in what probably feels like ages. Just as he is about to barge in to save her, the mysterious vest man appears and he takes Cole with him.

The two men end up at the Emerson, but its overgrown with foliage so it still must be the future. The other man finally reveals himself to be….FUTURE COLE. That’s right, take it all in.

Future Cole: That’s right take it all in. Greetings asshole, I’m future asshole.

The two Coles converse where future Cole tells regular Cole that he needs to find Jennifer because she is the key to saving everything. Locked up inside her brain is the answer to the plague, Titan, Ethan, Jin, The Witness, all of it. Whoopsies, did future Cole just reveal their son’s name? Lastly he tells Cole that he’s going to need to brush up on his French.

Speaking of Jennifer she’s still stuck in 1917 just as the Germans are making their way through the trench she finds herself in. She breaks into 99 Luftballons because that’s the only German she knows and momentarily imagines she’s in a pleasant music video instead of violent World War I. Thankfully her impromptu song prevents the German soldiers from killing her and they determine that she is American and seems crazy AF. Jennifer suddenly gets visions of four people wearing the same vest as future Cole and realizes that everything begins here in the past and that she’s got to tell her friends.

Back at Titan, Cassie finds her way to the upper section of the Red Theater. She is desperate and is ready to do anything to prevent the 12 Monkeys from getting her son. Nearby Magdalena and Mallick try to convince her not to jump, but she makes up her mind that she would rather die with her child than allow him to grow up to be The Witness. As she is falling, Magdalena reveals that she is also wearing a splinter vest and goes back in time to warn her past self of Cassie’s future plans then clicks a button on the device that automatically burns herself to prevent a paradox (and have only one version of Magdalena in existence). Dr. Railly wakes up to find herself back at breakfast with her nose bleeding, since she has Katarina’s injections, time moves around her and she retains knowledge of what happened in the now non-existent future timeline.

At the Emerson, the Coles are still chatting and future Cole says that this is going to be a long fight and he’s only half way there. He also tells past him that he’s going to have to forgive himself for what he’s done and what he’s going to have to do. Ominous much? Future Cole also explains that he wears Cassie’s watch because somehow somewhere it means that he’ll always find his way back to her. Lastly he gives past Cole an article showing that Jennifer is in 1922. As the other him goes back in time, an older Cassie appears and sits down next to her counterpart and says that he knows there’s another way. However, future Cole argues that no there isn’t. Now what could that be all about?

In 2044 Cole tells Jones that they need to find Jennifer and that he knows Cassie is not the mission.

At Titan, four months after Cassie’s attempted escape, she is in a bathtub while in labor surrounded by 12 Monkeys senior members. Magdalena channels Septa Unella but instead of saying shame, she’s saying push, push, push! For a split second Cassie sees the grown up Witness behind the devote woman telling her to push as well. Then we hear the cries of a newly born baby.

Episode 302: Guardians

The episode opens with the four horsemen (wearing their bowler hats) appearing in 1921 Paris carrying between them a steel container with Titan’s symbol emblazoned on top. Meanwhile Jennifer is still stuck there as well, trying to send a message to Team Splinter on her time and location so that they can come get her. She ends up convincing a theater owner to let her perform her fantastical one-man plays to entertain Parisians. She performs Charlie Chaplin, E.T., Alien, and Jaws. Finally in 1922 she does a play on the saga of the 12 Monkeys, except it doesn’t do so well with the crowds and the theater manager refuses to let her continue.

She’s understandably pissed because the play needs to be a hit so that it can get recorded in history books, which will then be big enough of a beacon for Cole and the others to get her. Unfortunately, one of the four horsemen finds her instead and he says that she’s not supposed to be here. Jennifer retorts neither should he and collapses a bunch of boxes onto him before running out of her dressing room. Thankfully, Jones and Cole arrive in the nick of time, shooting the man before he can stab her.

The three catch up on what’s been going on where Jennifer explains that she’s been stuck in Paris for five years and she can’t believe that it’s taken them this long to find her. Cole only appears to be interested in finding out what info she has on Titan, Cassie, and Ramse and completely disregards her well being since he didn’t even ask her how she survived World War I. Jennifer explains to Jones that she had to use a pseudonym because she didn’t want the horsemen to find her. Speaking of him, the scientist examines the vest and determines that it is splinter technology and something very important must be happening to the 12 Monkeys for them to send these four to this time.

That would of course be the birth of their prophet The Witness at long last. Cassie wakes up in bed having been sedated and her child gone. Mallick (played by Faran Tahir) enters and agrees to take her to see her son. He leads her to a chamber that is an omage to The Witness. The plague doctor mask is on a pedestal at the center with other objects circling it in the room, including a gramophone, a grandfather clock, the word of The Witness (that we’ve seen a bunch of times before), and a pocket watch that disappears all of a sudden once Cassie and Mallick have their backs turned. The man tries to convince her that she must love the man her son is going to become although he then reveals that he’s offering his help to her. Apparently there are some divisions in the Monkey ranks and Mallick says that he’ll aid her escape when the time is right because otherwise if she stays she’ll be killed now that the witness is no longer inside her. She agrees to accept his help but pleads to see her child still even just for a moment. He nods and tells her to follow him.

We skip to 2046 where Ramse is still with Olivia. They are sitting around a fire pit where Ramse is complaining that he wants to leave at night but the former 12 Monkeys leader says that they are in the territory of a group called the Exiles who operate in the dark and they don’t have the numbers to take them. We find out that Olivia found Sam 23 years ago and that Ramse is supposed to be reunited with him at long last tomorrow. They had been traveling cross-country in order to do this but he’s lost patience with all of her delays. When they finally arrive at the camp, the see the aftermath of a battle with the army of the 12 Monkeys and Sam has been critically injured. Olivia sees a knife stabbed on a treat with a note on it, as she reads it her face looks alarmed. Could she be in cahoots with Mallick and he just sent her word about the Witness’s birth (since we don’t know what year exactly Titan was at when Cassie went into labor).

Sam indeed has grown up but is laying in a cot with terrible injuries. He recognizes his father and tells him that Ramse will always be ageless to him. The son tells his dad that they’ve both outlived their cycles and that he was where he was meant to be. Olivia couldn’t bring him to Ramse in 2023 because he was only nineteen years old and would have been a burden. The older man tells him that he can go back to Jones and undo this but Sam doesn’t want him to do that and explains that they weren’t meant to be this. He wants his dad to save him and the world by stopping The Witness. Ramse agrees and then his kid pleads for help to end his life. Way to stick a knife in my chest because this is such a heartbreaking scene. Kirk Acevedo is slaying so hard and is acting the hell out of this. Ramse keeps saying he can’t do it but Sam asks his dad to please make the pain stop and the other man is undone. He gently puts his hands on his son’s mouth and nose and suffocates him to death. My heart is just dying because Ramse had been driven to protect and save his son for so long and now he has to be the one to end his life due to tragic circumstances. This may foreshadow similar circumstances that Cassie and Cole will have to endure with their own child.

Returning to 1922, Jennifer (who’s split up from Jones and Cole) follow one of the four horsemen into a building where her other two compatriots also find themselves at via the ID on the dead 12 Monkeys member. Jones and Cole are flanked in the hallway with two of the other horsemen with their guns drawn but Jennifer appears to cause a distraction and Team Splinter is able to fire their shots before the monkeys, though both Jones and Cole get hit (in the shoulder and leg respectively). Cole goes inside the apartment to find the last horsemen and to get the Titan box.

At the same time, we see scenes from Titan where Mallick leads Cassie back to the Red Theater where a different ritual is being enacted. We discover that Magdalena is leading the four horsemen and it is her son that is being carried in the box. The Witness is being transported back to different time periods as he grows up so that he will be safe. This is what Magdalena meant when she was telling Cassie that she wasn’t really The Witness’s mother because she Magdalena is the one who will actually raise him. Cue the horrified screams!

Upon coming closer to the box Cole gets shot by Magdalena, the woman telling him that he isn’t going to die today and she then goes back in time to warn her past self that Team Splinter will find them and that they must now change their plans. The timeline gets reset with Cole and Jones finding themselves back at their starting point a day ago. This time Cole greets Jennifer properly and tells her that he needs her and that there are here to take her home.

At the facility debrief Jones explains to Adler, Lasky and the other scientists what happened and what they are up against, but it doesn’t seem like they’ve made the connection that the child the horsemen were guarding is The Witness. Katarina simply thinks that it’s a weapon based on Jennifer’s prophesy. Jones leaves the decision of sending Ms. Goines back to 2016 or having her stay with them up to him, however he decides that it should really be Jennifer’s choice. He asks her what she wants to do and of course she chooses to stay and be a part of the team. She also says that she knows how they can find Cassie and takes his hand up to the splinter machine’s light, asking if he can feel his ladylove. But then a perimeter breech alarm goes off and Cole goes to join Whitley to see what’s going on. And well look who’s arrived, its Ramse with Olivia as prisoner.

Episode 303: Enemy

Jones brings up a good point that they don’t know which Ramse they are currently facing. Is it the grieving father, the loyal brother, or the man who spent decades taking orders from Olivia. The two are allowed into the facility with Ramse taken to one of the confinement rooms and a new cell built for Olivia. Jennifer warns that the other woman is a chameleon and she is would never be somewhere she didn’t want to be at.

The scientist first meets with Ramse to try and figure out what his game is. He tells her that he’s hand delivered their enemy’s enemy and explained that Olivia broke off with the 12 Monkeys in 2016 and they’ve been after each other ever since. He also relays Sam’s death and that all he wants is to get The Witness. While the emotions are certainly genuine, this could be a tactic of Ramse’s to distract Jones from what he and Olivia are planning given that she is a mother herself and understands his pain. However he points out that she got her daughter back while he’s lost his son twice.

Meanwhile Cole goes to see Olivia and their conversation is an interesting one. Cole keeps asking her where Titan is but she knows that he is wants information on Cassie’s location. Olivia then goes into a rant about how they left her behind to be fed to The Witness and she believed his lies about a world without pain only to be put in another box. She asks him to think about all the times they could have killed him but didn’t and why is that? Cole is super confused but we know its because his genetic material was needed by The Witness duh. In the other room Jones realizes that Olivia was Kirschner’s test subject and tells Adler to get DNA samples from her so that they can run tests.

In Titan, we flashback to the last scene with Deacon and Jennifer as he apologizes for killing her and then tells her to run while he valiantly takes on the enemy. Amazingly, the ScavKing SURVIVES yet again. This guy must have nine lives because he has been severely beaten so many times. Deacon deserves a raise folks for sheer will to survive. Mallick rescues him and stitches his wounds up, saying that he is a secret being kept from friends and enemies alike. You know that this is somehow got to be a part of his plan to help Cassie in some way. ScavKing is being kept in a secret room and fed little, but slowly he begins to regain his strength. However, he also is hallucinating and talking to his dead father who is a complete douchebag.

In 2046, Jones herself goes to talk to Olivia and the other woman finally says that she wants to go back to a time where she is free of both The Witness and them. In exchange she will give them The Witness. Jones isn’t just going to say yes though and asks why she left the 12 Monkeys. Olivia responds that she was lied to and that’s the reason she parted ways with them. She pushes the scientist too far by taunting her that Hannah has found another mother and that she was more interested in building the time machine than her own daughter. In retaliation Jones puts her in the machine, using it as a torture device. However, this does not break Olivia and Hannah intervenes by putting a knife against Lasky. As the mother and daughter argue Cole takes matters into his own hands and asks the scientists for the coldest darkest room they’ve got. He and Olivia go back in time to three months ago and leaves her in the room returning to their present. Cole and Jones go downstairs and find Olivia there (who has eaten rats to survive) and the former 12 Monkeys member seems broken enough to tell them about The Witness now. Hannah tells her mother that she knows she’s more than the horrible stories she’s heard about her and it prompts the scientist to show Olivia compassion by cleaning the blood from her.

Ramse in the meantime gets two visitors. First Jennifer comes by and gives him two of Sam’s old toys and tells him that she’s sorry for his son’s death, leading him to tell her that you’ve got to be a little crazy to be human. Finally Cole comes and the two hug it out.

Olivia tells them that the horsemen are teachers and protectors meant to raise The Witness in the chaos of history. She also confirms that they can’t win against them because everything they do the four can undo. Olivia continues by saying that they can only stop The Witness in the past. They will have a single chance when he will be most vulnerable and only she can tell them when and where.

Ramse and Cole end up at their usual outdoor spot to chat about whether they can trust Olivia’s intel. Ramse argues that all they’ve got is the lie and that if there’s a chance they can end it they should take it. It’s one last ride back to 2007 where they will face their enemy who will supposedly be surrounded by many followers. This heart to heart is much like many others they’ve had but this time Jose says no matter what future happens James will always be his family. Despite the many ups and downs they’ve gone through, the two genuinely love each other and it’s just been a tragedy that they’ve had to be on opposite sides because of their love for other people. Love is a powerful thing.

Jennifer tries to warn Cole that she’s getting a bad feeling with his and Ramse’s mission and that he shouldn’t go. We flashback to Olivia and Ramse’s conversation before they arrive at the facility and she explains that Cole and Cassie are the parents of the Witness. He says that for their plan to work she will need to take a beating and she said she’ll manage it. So it was all orchestrated and well acted. Their true goal is to go back in time to kill Dr. Railly.

In 2163, Deacon’s conversations with dead dad is proving cathartic for him as he is able to face his innermost demon and admit all the things he has hated in his life. We find out that a part of him believes that the only reason he’s survived is because of the horrible things his father did to him and his family that’s toughened him up. Deacon is also finally let go the fear that he’s become his old man and he has not climbed up the ranks to be my new favorite character on the show. As the figment of his imagination disappears, a very real Mallick enters and tells him that it’s time. He follows a set of directions provided to him by the 12 Monkeys elder and kills two guards posted outside a nondescript door. Inside he finds Cassie who is relieved to see a familiar face and they proceed to get out of dodge.

Episode 304: Brothers

Episode four begins with a flashback to young Cole and Ramse scavenging for food. James looks to be 12 or 13 and Jose around 16 or 17. They come upon a library that looks abandoned, the older boy wants to wait until morning to check it out but the other is starving and wants to scope it out now. Headstrong as always, Cole goes ahead and approaches the front door of the building only to be suddenly grabbed by another plague survivor hiding inside a minivan. Beware minivans ladies and gentlemen.

We cut to the Emerson in 2007, the two men are having a drink and Cole can’t help but feel that this is too easy. He asks Ramse why Olivia would betray the monkeys when she’s been with them her whole life and is the reason why she even has a life. The other man reasserts though that they took everything from her and that’s why she’s against them now. Still Cole isn’t fully convinced and rightfully so. Unfortunately he’s trusting Jose to tell him that this isn’t a set up since he ought to know having spent all those years with Olivia himself.

In 2046, Jennifer is asleep on the machine chair dreaming about churches and dead bodies. Adler rudely wakes up her, stating that this room is not a dormitory. But being near the machine helps her see through time and space! Instead of going back to sleep, she begins to sketch a number of different images: an ouroboros, hands, feet, and a dead body facing down. She falls asleep again and gets woken up by Jones instead, who is annoyed that her evidence room now closely resembles a portrait studio. The scientist asks who the image of the dead person is but unfortunately the primary has no idea.

She takes another nap and this time she sees Cassie and Cole’s faces on the dead bodies, which prompts her to talk to Olivia. Jennifer confronts the other woman, saying that she stabbed her and pushed her into a pool but she didn’t break and then all of a sudden three months in a dark room and she breaks wide open. The primary rightfully claims that she thinks Olivia is unbreakable and this makes her uncomfortable. Of course she pins the tail on the donkey that because of the former 12 Monkeys member, Cole is on a mission and she’s suddenly getting nightmares of someone dying. She gets her daughters to point their guns at Olivia while she deactivates the electricity and goes inside the pen, asking the other woman to tell her a story to make the bad dreams go away. However, Olivia is still unwilling to give her any answers. Frustrated, Jennifer calls her out on her BS, knowing that there are always plans within plans and lies to cover other lies. Triggered, Pallid Man’s sister lunges at the primary, saying that they couldn’t all be like her. That’s when Jennifer remembers the map. She realizes that Olivia is scared that if the mission fails, the word of The Witness is her one bargaining chip because it contains the entire timeline of her former leader.

Changing gears to 2007, Cole and Ramse look for the dad of an old West VII buddy for some firepower. Back then the man Otero was a gunrunner and had operated his business behind a bakery. The plan is simple, ambush the gunrunners as they are loading up a truck full of weapons, except of course that doesn’t quite work out. They end up having their backs against one side of the truck with the goons on the other side. Ramse says that if things go wrong they should meet up at the Emerson. Cole nods and takes out two of the men but them the other time traveller is nowhere to be seen. Where oh where could he have gone?

Cole heads back to their room at the Emerson but its empty. His buddy is at a hospital, waiting for Cassie to show up so that he can kill her. Posing as an ER admin, he makes a call to have her paged and sent down to help see to patients. We see a blonde haired doctor come down to talk to another attendee though we never glimpse her face. Ramse tries to edge his way closer to her but two cops enter the ER and he tries not to look suspicious, which is a pretty hard thing to do since most people in there are actually supposed to be there. Blondie goes into a restricted area but luckily for him another staffer opens the door and he is able to slip in unnoticed. He stalks the doctor down the corridor and then shoots her in the back twice. Except it’s not Cassie. Well damn, he just committed murder and it wasn’t even the right person.

Upon returning to the Emerson, Ramse tells Cole a weak ass story about how he was chasing the other guy, they get into a scuffle and then he got lost. Riiiiight. But unexpectedly the other time traveller thinks that he went to go see his mother. Going with it, Ramse says that his mom didn’t say anything because he never went in. Just being close enough to knock on the door was good enough. Pouncing on this line of thought, he tells Cole that he should go spend a couple of hours to go see Cassie. Preying on the other man’s feelings, he attempts to use it to discover Dr. Railly’s location since the hospital plan backfired. Cole puts it out of his mind though explaining that she has enough to deal with at the moment since in the winter of ’07 there was an outbreak at a community center in New Jersey. He goes as far as naming the actual place and Ramse drops the issue having gotten the intel he needed.

Sometime later, he tells Cole that he’s having doubts and that this very well could be a trap. He suggests that he gets dropped off some distance from the compound (where The Witness will be) and he’ll check it out on foot. If he’s ambushed he’ll fire two shots so that Cole can come as backup. When night hits they drive over and as they are at the rest stop, James asks if Ramse is sure he wants to do this. By this he means splitting up, to which the other chrononaut responds that it’s the only way and it’s about time they set things straight. As Cole drives away, he steals another car and heads over to the community center.

Once he gets there all seems quiet and the door is locked. A familiar voice behind him says she’s not coming and toss it (the gun). Cole tells Ramse that he gave chance after chance for him to come clean with the truth but he never did. Turns out that the community center was the place Ramse had saved him when they were boys from the earlier flashback. But the other man says that he never noticed the sign because he was too busy saving Cole’s life yet again. That time had also been when Ramse had first called him brother. This moment between the two get even more intense as James finally finds out that he is the father of The Witness and that his friend came back to kill Cassie so that she would never give birth to their child.

Ramse asks Cole to let him kill his woman to save seven billion lives but of course he says hell no. The other man gets a shot out and they chase each other through the woods. It begins to snow and the scene jumps from 2007 to 2027 where in both moments they are running through the same woods. Eventually Cole is able to shoot the other in the shoulder and yells for him to stop but he keeps going. This has happened before and James has never been able to mortally wound his brother because of their history. However this time he fires two more rounds and Ramse goes down. Bleeding out, he tells Cole that they always try to do the right thing but end up doing in the wrong way. His finals words are don’t undo this, that his brother is now on his own and that they’ll see each other soon. Ugh this is what future Cole meant when he said that he had to forgive himself.

In grief, Cole drives to Virginia where 2007 Cassie currently is and in a parking lot he says to her that he knows he shouldn’t be here but he doesn’t think he can do this alone and that he needs her to come home. But they haven’t met yet and so she has no idea who he is. Altruistic as ever, she tells him that she’s going to get him some help but he is pulled back to 2046. Arriving back in the facility pissed as all hell, he goes into Olivia’s pen and puts a gun to her temple. She calmly tells him though that he needs her to find his son and that his secret was safe with her.

Back at Titan, Deacon and Cassie are making their way to an exit and ScavKing explains that Mallick gave him directions for them to get out of there. Amazingly too, he’s the one who knows that they are currently in 2047 and that the compound is going to splinter soon. Their secret helper and Pallid Man find the dead guards in Cassie’s room and PM orders him to find Dr. Railly. The twosome nearly make it to the exit but are barred by more guards posted. Just as Titan’s ominous bells begin to toll, they attack and Cassie is vicious. They manage to kill all of the sentinels when Mallick himself appears with two more. But he ends up stabbing both his guys and tells them to go. Before letting Cassie leave though, he grabs her arms and says to find her son. What does he know that we don’t?? The two jump out just in time.

Pallid Man ponders his options and he reveals that there is indeed unrest amongst their people. He considers splintering back to prevent Cassie’s escape but Mallick suggests that altering Titan’s timeline could have serious consequences. Besides, The Witness is to return to them soon and that they should focus everyone’s attention on that and not let it be known of the Mother’s disappearance. PM eventually agrees though then says that he must get rid of everyone who handled her imprisonment, except for Mallick of course. Me thinks M needs to start considering his own options.

Cassie and Deacon make their way back to the facility to find it completely destroyed. This is not good. With a stroke of luck though, the ScavKing notices an image of a red butterfly painted on a concrete slab that wasn’t there before. Cassie thinks it’s a sign (because Cole gave her a butterfly) and begins to dig around the area, believe that she was meant to find something. Indeed they unearth a kit with two tether injections to take them back.

As they return to 2046, Deacon arrives first followed by Cassie who is greeted by Cole (himself just fresh from 2007). They hug and as they stare into the other’s eyes, he tries to tell her that he knows without speaking the words. She nods, understanding that he at last knows the truth behind The Witness as well.

Final Thoughts

  • Is Ramse truly dead? But there have been so many near deaths that he’s got to make to the fourth season somehow.
  • Cole and Ramse’s relationship has gone through so many ups and downs that it’s so sad it had to end this way (or maybe its really not the end yet!)
  • If the Witness is killed wouldn’t Olivia’s own existence be erased? Doesn’t she care anymore about that?
  • Magdalena is one scary villain, if she continues to raise the Witness no wonder he is as diabolical as he seems to be.
  • What do all the other 12 Monkeys minion do in Titan? It’s kind of like the Death Star except a time machine.
  • What is Olivia’s real game? Why does she want to be at the facility? Jennifer’s right that she’s always exactly where she wants to be.

The second night of the season 3 12 Monkeys binge event continues tomorrow May 20. Until then!


12 Monkeys season 3 airs on Syfy from May 19-21.

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