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In ‘Quantum Leap’ Ep 210, Both Ben and the Home Team Hunt for Answers

Sometimes, one of your favorite shows goes off the rails, but you keep watching anyway hoping it'll find its way back. Well, I'm happy...

La Brea’s “The Road Home, Part 1” sets up for a thrilling finale

The groundwork gets laid for things to take off later, so let's get caught up. Gavin's not sure giving the chip to the mystery...

La Brea’s “Fire Storm” heats things up!

After being disappointed by “Maya”, La Brea has more than made up for it with Tuesday’s adventure: “Fire Storm.” We begin in 2021 with Gavin...

‘Quantum Leap’ Dials Up the Action and the Emotions in “Off the Cuff”

One of the biggest shifts in tone between the current iteration of Quantum Leap and the 1989 original is the unrelenting spotlight on the...

The Curse Review: “Green Queen” Shoots for the Stars and Delivers

What goes up must come down. Right?

La Brea’s “Maya” feels forced

Tuesday's La Brea episode did indeed take us back to 2021, though not for anything too interesting. Perhaps I'm expecting too much, but let's...

La Brea’s “Don’t Look Up” Buries the Lead

La Brea’s "Don't Look Up" started strong, giving us a lot of action and drama, but left me feeling jilted.

La Brea’s “Sierra” gets the final season started

Welcome back to one of the more entertaining high concept series in the last couple of years. For those of you worried you're a...

The Curse Review: “Young Hearts” Bleed the Octane and Await the Spark

The children will be seen and heard.

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