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The Workprint’s Gamescast Episode 70 – Live, Die, Repeat: Deathloop

The Workprint's Gamescast Deathloop

Rob spent the last week playing video games as he came prepared to discuss his thoughts on three games he finished – Psychonauts 2, Deathloop, and The Artful Escape.

I, on the other hand, continue to make my way through Tales of Arise and dipped my toes into Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

Listen, gaming with a newborn is almost impossible. Every time you think you have a few hours to sit down and play, the opportunity disappears in front of you in a form of a hungry cry or dirty diaper. Late-night gaming marathons are a thing of the past as any amount of sleep greatly outweighs spending a few hours with a game. Thankfully the baby is hitting some sort of rhythm, but who knows, he could change things up at the drop of a hat.

Till next week – Bilal

The Workprint’s Gamescast – Episode 70

Games Played:


        1. Psychonauts 2
        2. Deathloop
        3. The Artful Escape


        1. Tales of Arise – Progress Update
        2. Kena: Bridge of Spirits



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