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‘The Fosters’ Review: “Faith, Hope, and Love”


Season 3, Episode 7: “Faith, Hope, and Love”
Air Date: Monday, July 20, 2015


In last week’s episode Mariana finally told Callie that she slept with Wyatt. Since the ‘sleeping with Wyatt’ plot had been the bulk of Mariana’s storyline this season, you would think she would be dealing with the fallout of her actions. Nope. There was none. Mariana and Callie are as chummy as ever and continue with their plan to combine their money and buy a used (and apparently previously stolen) vehicle.

Mariana’s birth mother, Ana, has asked Mariana to be baby Isabella’s Godmother, but in order to do so, Mariana must first be baptized in the Catholic church. When Mariana tells Stef and Lena about her plan to get baptized, they lose their shit and are forced to have a discussion about their faith and belief systems. This is not the first time that The Fosters has brought up the issue of the Catholic church. It was discussed when Jesus (the twin that no longer exists) wanted to go to bible camp with his girlfriend as well as when Stef was dealing with her father’s death. This is the first time that the show has explored how Stef and Lena discuss spirituality and religion with their children. Stef and Lena have issue prescribing to a belief system that says the life they have built together is a sin. They also have issue with Mariana’s abuelo telling her that if she does not get baptized she will go to hell. This puts Mariana in a difficult and uncomfortable position, essentially having to decide between making her moms happy, or her birth mother happy. She decides that getting baptized is worth it if it means she can be there for Isabella, and is all ready to go through with it until she sits down with the priest.

The priest says every wrong thing he could possibly say to Mariana. First he calls her ‘Mariana Gutierrez,’ and then tells her that even though her mommas are sinners for being gay, they are allowed to walk into his church. If Mariana is one thing, it is loyal and protective of her mothers and she decides to not go through with the baptism.


Brandon is back at Idyllwild and he is now sharing a pianist with Tom, the douchebag who got him kicked out of camp and then helped him back in. Brandon composes a piece for a prepared piano and it is fucking amazing. I have never heard of a prepared piano before this episode, but I am actually obsessed. He is not sure if his composition is too out of the box, asks douchebag dough boy for advice who suggests that maybe Brandon should take a step back and submit a more reserved piece, so that is what Brandon does. Meanwhile, Tom takes the liberty to completely steal Brandon’s idea of a using a prepared piano. Brandon chases after him, throws down the gauntlet and tells Tom, game on.



While Mariana might not have to deal with the consequences of last week’s episode, the same cannot be said for AJ and Callie. Stef and Lena call a meeting with Callie to discuss her kiss with AJ, and invite Rita over for moral support. They tell her that AJ is going to be moving in with Rita until Mike’s fostering license goes through, because they can’t have Callie hooking up with yet another foster brother under their roof. Mike asks AJ about his feelings for Callie, and warns him off of Callie since she has a horrible track record with all romantic relationships, especially those involving foster brothers.

AJ’s brother Ty also shows up and he is a huge asshole as well as a bad influence on AJ. The entire time he is with AJ he is shitting on Mike and putting ideas into AJ’s head about how they kicking him out of the Adams-Foster house because he is black and AJ starts to believe him. Ty, you are the worst. You vanish from your younger brother’s without him knowing whether you are dead or alive and then show up out of blue and try to ruin this amazing new life he has which includes making out with his foster sister. Ty is just the worst.

The next day, Callie realizes she needs to move her new car to avoid a parking ticket and AJ tags along. As they are driving, they get pulled over by a cop, due to the fact that she bought a stolen car. Of course this results in AJ and Callie getting arrested. Callie’s social workers stops by the house, and Lena and Stef assume that it is to discuss Callie’s arrest. They are prepared for this conversation, ready to tell her that it was all a misunderstanding, but the social worker is there for another reason. The social worker found out about the restraining order Stef and Lena put on Brandon against Callie, and says that until she gets to the bottom of this, it is not safe for Callie to live with the Adams-Fosters. Callie will need to be removed from their care.

The Fosters airs on Mondays on ABC Family at 8/7c.

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