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House of the Dragon returns with its best episode so far and it is really starting to feel like the Game of Thrones I used to love.
Things pick up in episode two of House of the Dragon, with a tense episode full of machinations.

HBO’s House of the Dragon May Be Taking the Wrong Lessons from Game of Thrones

After watching the first episode of House of the Dragon, I’m a little concerned that HBO took away exactly the wrong lessons from Game of Thrones. Hopefully, all of the pieces put into play will make some moves next week as the great game continues. It is good to be back in Westeros, though.

‘Game of Thrones’ – “Sons of the Harpy”: If Mama Don’t Eat, Don’t Nobody Eat

DORNE! IN THE INTRO! Now it's long enough to do that 8-minute workout I've seen people raving about on Facebook. Not that I'll do...

‘Game of Thrones’: “The Wars to Come” – Just Not In This Episode

You know, like Winter has been coming for the past four seasons. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, kiddies, Game of...

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