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The Hightowers and the Targaryens don't seem to be making much progress since the war began.
As I noted a couple weeks ago, Westeros has never been a great place if you are one of the "small folk" or a woman, or both. The series has shown again and again how they...

The Dragons are Dancing

Did you catch your breath yet? The ending of Episode 4 of this season of House of the Dragon, "The Red Dragon and the Gold",...

“The Burning Mill” focuses on how the women of Westeros adapt and lead

One constant about Game of Thrones (and House of the Dragon) is how they are very clear about how much life sucks if you...

‘House of the Dragon’ Returns With War On The Horizon

Welcome back to the world of Westeros and the seven kingdoms, and a new season of skullduggery, sex, and dragons. It's time to check...

‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 10 Review: The Black Queen Rises In The Finale

In the finale of House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra defends her birthright, and a kingdom prepares for war

House of the Dragon – Episode 9 Review: The Green Council

The King is dead! Long live the…King? Queen? Someone else?

House of the Dragon Episode 8 Review – The Lord of the Tides

In House of the Dragon, family dinners can sure be awkward.

‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 7 Recap – Driftmark

Driftmark marks House of the Dragon's best episode since King of the Narrow Sea.

House of the Dragon Episode 6 Recap – The Princess and the Queen

  As I was settling in to watch this week’s episode, I got a call from my mom. She was letting me know that she...

‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 5 Review- We Light the Way

Do you hear wedding bells? It’s time for Westeros’s dreamiest couple to be forced onto a politically arranged marriage.

House of the Dragon – Episode 4 Review: King of the Narrow Sea

House of the Dragon returns with its best episode so far and it is really starting to feel like the Game of Thrones I used to love.

‘House of the Dragon’ Episode 3 Recap – Second of his Name

  House of the Dragon Season 1, Episode 3: “Second of His Name” Air Date: 9/4/2022 It has been three years since last week (Feels like I’ve written...

House of the Dragon Review – Episode 2: The Rogue Prince

Things pick up in episode two of House of the Dragon, with a tense episode full of machinations.

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