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In this episode of Deadly Class: Saya and Maria prevent a race war, Billy and Lex have a three-way with Petra, Master Lin and Master Gao choose sides, and Marcus tells everyone the truth.
In episode seven of Deadly Class, Marcus reveals what happened at the boy’s home, Scorpio goes full-on Silence of The Lambs, Chester introduces his cousins, Willie gets laid, and both Gao and Maria run into...

‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Stigmata Martyr”

In this episode of Deadly Class, Marcus and Maria start dating – leading to a slew of complications, Madame Gao starts laying down the...

‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Saudade”

In this episode of Deadly Class, the gang pays homage to Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by dropping a ton of acid, all...

‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Mirror People”

"Mirror People" executes well on every television front, blending everything we’ve built-up regarding our story, along with providing a good amount of depth.

‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Snake Pit”

In 'Snake Pit,' King's Dominion holds a dance. Meanwhile, Jurgen makes a tough decision, as friendships are soon tested. The episode opens with an animated...

‘Deadly Class’ Review – “Noise, Noise, Noise”

"Noise, Noise, Noise" does a solid job building up the world of the students, but left us feeling taken aback by how all over the place it was.

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