So Not Worth It: An upcoming Netflix Korean Sitcom 

Korea’s top sitcom creators create an original K-Comedy series for Netflix produced by Mystic Story.

So Not Worth It is an upcoming Netflix original Korean sitcom. The story about love and friendship between students from different multicultural backgrounds who live at an international university dormitory, the series will be helmed by some of Korea’s top sitcom creators.

Created by Kwon Ik-Joon, a showrunner who’s created acclaimed shows such as Three Guys And Three Girls and Nonstop, Kwon will also be working with producer Kim Jung-sik (Smashing on Your Back, High Kick). With a script co-written by Seo Eun-Jung (Soonpoong Clinic, New Nonstop) and Baik Ji-hyun (Nonstop, Rude Miss Young-Ae). 

The story of several dorm residents and their unconventional adventures, rising actress Park Se-wan (Just Dance, School 2017, and Never Twice) will be playing Se-wan, a bright spirited teaching assistant and the dorm’s RA. Living in her dormitory includes Jamie (Shin Yueon-Seung) the man with a secret past, Sam (GOT7 K-pop boy band star Choi Young-Jae) the son of an Australian-Korean restaurateur, the K-Drama loving Minnie (Minnie of the K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE ) from Thailand, and model/actor Han Hyun-min, who plays is a Korean who wants to live at the dorm.

Given the pandemic, it’s not surprising that preproduction was greenlit along with casting for So Not Worth It. The series stands poised to reignite enthusiasm for the sitcom format, hopefully with its unique international take on the genre, something meant to blend K-Comedy with a global appeal. The new Korean original series will be produced by Mystic Story, a South Korean entertainment company established by South Korean singer-songwriter Yoon Jong-shin. It’ls also expected to be exclusively released on Netflix, which comes as no surprise, as the digital distribution company seems to be doubling down on its global brand by greenlighting international productions across the world.

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