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‘Shadowhunters’ Update: Maryse Cast, Cassandra Clare Set Visit


We’ve got Shadowhunters updates beginning with the casting of Nicola Correia Damude as Maryse Lightwood (mother of Alec and Isabelle), according to series author Cassandra Clare who visited the Toronto set last week.

Clare posted on her Tumblr account that she had met Damude and that more cast announcements will be made soon. Damude has appeared in shows including Haven, The Strain, Degrassi: The Next Generation, and Stargate-SG1.

Nicola Correia Damude as Maryse Lightwood

Clare and other cast members also had lots of behind the scenes pictures and videos to share with fans during the author’s trip:






Also check out Katherine McNamara doing some fight training as well as our first look at the Mortal Instruments.

It’s the Mortal Cup!! (source: Shadowhunterstv.com)

What do you think of Maryse’s casting? I can’t wait to see who will be playing her husband Robert Lightwood as well as other characters like the Seelie Queen, Maya, Bat and more!

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