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The WandaVision Trailer Hints at House of M

During last night’s Emmy’s, Marvel dropped its first initial trailer for WandaVision: an insane reality-bending Love Letter for Sitcoms Wandavision is a bizarre but highly-anticipated...

Agatha Harkness Pits Heroes Against Each Other in Contest of Chaos

Agatha Harkness is up to witchy mayhem in Contest of Chaos.

Moon Knight’s Scarlet Scarab Comic Debut Makes for 2 From the MCU

Layla El-Faouly makes her debut as the Scarlet Scarab

In 2022, Asian Representation in TV and Film is Better, but Still has Room to Grow

A look at different types of representation for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month When I was a kid, I scoffed at the...

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Review

Just in time for Mother's Day, Multiverse of Madness gives birth to a strange and wonderful new Marvel adventure with humor, horror, and amazing action scenes.

The Failure of Disney+: What Losing Marvel on Netflix Means

What does this say about streaming? More importantly, about Disney+? I've been dreading this day for a few years now. When Disney first canceled all...

Three Marvel Characters that Disney+ Desperately Needs

For any die-hard Marvel comics fans, here are a few lesser-known characters that could deserve their own Disney+ debuts People who have not been living...

Loki: Episode 3 “Lamentis” Review

The best laid plans of mice and variants often go awry… Hunter C-20 opens up Wednesday’s episode of Loki. Her and the variant aka Sylvie...

Loki: Episode 2 “The Variant” Review

Wednesday’s episode of Loki was a lot. Aside from the usual sci-fi trope of setting up the rules of the world, and the usual buddy-cop trope of establishing an odd-couple pairing, we were ultimately treated to the first glimpse of our villain.

Loki – Episode 1 “Glorious Purpose” Review

Loki, the new Disney+ streaming series is here to fill in the gaps, and probably also make us love Loki all over again just to kill him off…again.

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