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‘The Twilight Zone’ review: ‘Not All Men’

THE TWILIGHT ZONE Season 1, Episode 7 “Not All Men” Available on CBS All-Access (new episodes uploaded every Thursday) GRADE: …

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‘Long Shot’ Review: A Surprising Well-Rounded Comedy

Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron Smile and wave high, the two dressed in silly looking street attire

An original approach to the tried-and-true romantic comedy, ‘Long Shot’ goes beyond political satire by utilizing varying styles of humor. Delivering a surprisingly well-rounded comedy. Here's why. #LongShot #Movie

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‘Cobra Kai’ review: ‘Fire and Ice’

COBRA KAI Season 2, Episode 3 “Fire and Ice” Available on YouTube Premium GRADE: B Daniel (Ralph Macchio) is in …

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Supertrash: “American Dreamer”/ “Egg MacGuffin”

This week on Supertrash, Alyssa and Jen continue to gush about their love for Nia in ‘Supergirl’ 4.19 “American Alien” …

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‘Busy Tonight’ Cancelled by E!… and I am devastated

Busy Philips

Today it was announced that E! has canceled Busy Philipps’ late night show Busy Tonight and I am devastated. One …

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‘Tuca and Bertie’ Review: A Colorfully Crazy Comedy

Bertie and Tuca riding a Jet ski, names in captions next to them.

An original take on adult animation by Lisa Hanawalt, ‘Tuca and Bertie’ defies expectations in a fashion similar to children’s …

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‘Avengers: Endgame’ Podcast Review

The Avengers in Civilian Attire focus in to plan for what's ahead.

In this special episode over at ‘The Workprint’ podcast, Bilal, Jen, and Christian review 'Avengers: Endgame'.

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‘Chambers’ Review: Excellent Representation Can’t Salvage Horrible Execution.

Sasha in blue hues of lighting, with Becky highlighted inside of her in red

Featuring the first Native American woman to star in a lead role in both Television and Movie history; excellent representation …

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‘The Twilight Zone’ review: ‘Six Degrees of Freedom’

THE TWILIGHT ZONE Season 1, Episode 6 “Six Degrees of Freedom” Available on CBS All-Access (new episodes uploaded every Thursday) …

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‘What We Do In the Shadows’ Review- Episode 6: Founding Father

Benjamin Franklin had once writ: “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” Ever a wise and prescient man, …

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‘Cobra Kai’ review: ‘Back in Black’

COBRA KAI Season 2, Episode 2 “Back in Black” Available on YouTube Premium GRADE: B- Johnny (William Zabka) has paid …

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‘Bonding’ Review: Sex Work For Fun

Zoe Levin in leather interviewing a potential new client

This is a review of Netflix’s new original series ‘Bonding’, an open-minded show that takes a surprisingly light-hearted approach towards …

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