• Star Girl ready for battle

    ‘Stargirl’ Episode 3 Review: “Icicle”

    Things get heated in this episode of Stargirl as power dynamics change, big players are revealed, and histories come to light. Unlike the previous two episodes, which were mostly a buildup establishin…

  • Book Con YA Panel 2020

    BookCon 2020: Epic YA

    The Epic Young Adult panel featured acclaimed novelists Nic Stone, Victoria Aveyard, Adam Silvera, Marissa Meyer, and Dhonielle Clayton. The panel starts at 3 hours and 25 minutes. In the Epic Young A…

  • An interview with Tenacious D Book Con

    BookCon 2020: In Conversation with Tenacious D

    At BookCon 2020, Simon Hanselman interviewed Kyle Glass and Jack Black about their film-turned-album-turned-tour-turned-turned-graphic novel with accompanying audio: Post-Apocalypto. The Panel Begins …

  • Octavia

    ‘The 100’: Season 7 Episode 2 Review: “The Garden”

    We finally get the scoop on what happened with Octavia and Diyoza back in season 6! Last episode Gabriel, Hope, and Echo went into the anomaly together but where did they go? Or…rather when did they g…

  • The bachelorette party from left to right: Poison Ivy, Norma Fries, Harley Quinn, Jennifer (Ivy's childhood friend), and Catwoman.

    ‘Harley Quinn’ Season 2 Episode 9 Review & Recap: Bachelorette

    This week on Harley Quinn: Harley, Poison Ivy, and group of ladies travel to celebrate Ivy’s bachelorette weekend on Themyscira, and King Shark is forced to face the past he has been swimming aw…

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Ivy and Harley attend College

Harley, Ivy, and the method acting Clayface, infiltrate Riddler’s stolen university: ‘Riddle U’ by posing as hot young coeds, finding …

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‘Resident Evil 3’ Remake Review: Short but Encourages Replayability

Resident Evil 3 Remake Cover

The Fun Capcom Classic finishes rather quickly but is meant to be Played Several Times Over Resident Evil 3 brings …

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‘Harley Quinn’ Season 2 Episode 1 Review & Recap: New Gotham

Harley Quinn makes a rousing speech in Season 2 Episode 1

The Second Season Kicks-off with pure Anarchistic Bliss Where season one of Harley Quinn was a hilarious and over-the-top origin …

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All The Moments You Need To Know in ‘The Magicians’ Series Finale

The Magicians series finale leaves audiences with a roller coaster ending and the seed of a new beginning. Here are …

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Prodigal Son: “Scheherazade” Review

Tonight’s episode finds Malcolm tangoing with a black swan…OK, puns aside, this episode really does feature a dead ballet dancer. …

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Interview with Mark McKenna on ‘Banana Tail and The Checkerboard Jungle’

Cover Art for 'Banana Tail and The Checkerboard Jungle’

‘Banana Tail’ is a children’s series about the adventures of a unique little monkey and his friends on Oops-N-Ouch island, created by comic book veteran Mark McKenna.

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PAX East Duo Hand-On: Phogs!


I experienced Phogs by developer Bit Loom Games two years ago at PAX East 2018 when they were housed in …

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Contagion: A Modern Monster Movie


I’m a fan of art imitating life, especially through the medium of film. Being able to recreate life as accurately …

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‘The Magicians’ Review: One Last Heist

In the second to the last episode ever of Syfy’s The Magicians, the team find themselves undergoing one last heist …

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Supernatural: “Destiny’s Child” Review

The finale road through familiar faces continues on Monday night’s episode… There’s enough to unpack so let’s get started. First …

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Prodigal Son: “Stranger Beside You” Review

Tonight’s episode promises answers to the girl in box, will it make good? Let’s find out! First off let me …

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‘The Magicians’ Review: Plot Twists, Pocket Worlds, and Pregnancy

In this week’s episode of Syfy’s The Magicians, the team splits up to locate The Couple, acquire a pocket world, …

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