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‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Review: Episode 4- Burned. Notice?

Webster defines dominion as sovereignty and ownership. Both are powerful terms. I define “Dominion” as a Sisters of Mercy banger- …

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The Man Who Killed Don Quixote Movie Review

Our Heroes, Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote is a fun film guaranteed for cult status among film fans but not the …

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6 Unforgettable Moments on ‘The Magicians’ Season 4 Finale

The season four finale of The Magicians is bittersweet as we say goodbye to a beloved character. Read below for six …

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‘The Magicians’ Says Goodbye to One of Their Own

The Magicians Is Quentin Dead

The Magicians says goodbye to one of their own in the season four finale.

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Monomythic Screenwriting, Episode 13: Treatment

Two Dragons in the foreground, look at Daenerys and Jon Snow.

In this episode, we discuss how to create a screenwriting treatment. THE RIGHT METHOD It needs to be said that …

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‘What We Do In The Shadows’ Review: Episode 3- Shear/Con

The gentle art of topiary has been around since Roman times. Shaved shrubbery is majestic as it is thought-provoking. Going …

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‘The Twilight Zone’ review: ‘Replay’

THE TWILIGHT ZONE Season 1, Episode 3 “Replay” Available on CBS All-Access (new episodes uploaded every Thursday) GRADE: A- In …

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‘Happy!’ Season 2 Review: Episodes 1-3

A shirtless Nick wakes up next to his imaginary best friend, Happy - the talking unicorn.

Season 2 of SYFY network’s Happy! has been nothing shy of ridiculous. This season sees Nick Sax try his best …

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‘The Magicians’ Review: The Secret Sea

In the penultimate episode of season four of The Magicians, The Monster likes Starbucks, Quentin yells at a plant, Margo …

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Monomythic Screenwriting, Episode 12: Story Circles

The cast of community season one as aliens with three pronged antennae and teal skin

In this episode of Monomythic Screenwriting, we talk about Story Circles and how to write your screenplay using the Dan Harmon method.

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‘Shazam!’ Review: It Shizzles

The siblings gather

Shazam! Is a movie I would have taken my nephew to – as it’s young, bold, and childish – with …

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‘The Tick’ Season 2: Review

The Cast Of The Tick

Season Two of the Amazon Prime superhero comedy returns, providing a sophomore season that is equally hilarious as it is strong, utilizing …

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