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‘Supergirl’ Review: Mars Attacks in “The Martian Chronicles”

supergirl 211

This week on Supergirl: M’gann’s ex-husband shows up and causes a stir; the SuperFriends play a bad game of Clue …

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‘The 100’ Returns: All Hail Octavia kom Trikru

the 100 401 cover octavia

The week on the season premiere of The 100: Clarke tells Bellamy the truth about their “victory” against ALIE; Octavia …

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‘The Magicians’ Review: Let’s Do Some Damn Battle Magic

In this week’s episode of The Magicians, the squad (sans Eliot) returns to Brakebills in an attempt to find a …

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‘Shadowhunters’: We Say Goodbye To Jocelyn

In this week’s episode of Shadowhunters, we say our goodbye to Jocelyn, a devoted mother, loyal friend, and kick-ass nephilim. …

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‘Supergirl’ Review: “We Can Be Heroes” But Literally Just For One Day

Supergirl 210 cover

This week on Supergirl: It’s Supergirl v. Guardian: Dawn of Brooding; Livewire reappears; still no sign of Lena or Cat; …

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Peter Capaldi is Leaving ‘Doctor Who’ This Christmas

Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi is on his way out as the 12th Doctor on BBC's Doctor Who.

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NBC Renews ‘The Good Place’ for a Second Season

The Good Place

NBC’s hit freshman comedy The Good Place, from executive producer and creator Michael Schur, is returning for a full-season order of 13 …

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‘Arrow’ Review: “Who Are You?”

arrow 510

Arrow Season 5, Episode 10: “Who Are You?” Original Air Date: January 25th, 2017 Grade: B Quite honestly, I did not expect much …

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‘Shadowhunters’ Cast Will Tudor as Sebastian

Shadowhunters made a major casting announcement today as Will Tudor is set to play Sebastian in the series and will …

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In The Season 2 Premiere, ‘The Magicians’ Are Royally Screwed

The Magicians are finally back and their world has become bigger and even more crazy. In the season 2 premiere, …

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‘Supergirl’ Returns To Cheesy Form in Kevin Smith-directed “Supergirl Lives”

This week on Supergirl: Kara loses her powers, Sanvers is adorable, Millenials don’t know what an MRI looks like. Spoilers …

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‘Shadowhunters’ Review: The Day of Wrath is Full of Sorrow

Spoilers through Shadowhunters season 2, episode 4.    In the latest episode of Shadowhunters, we were shocked by the sudden …

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