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‘Supergirl’, Mon-El, and the Douchebag Redemption Arc

supergirl 210 kara monel

Spoilers through Supergirl season two, episode seventeen: “Distant Sun” and The Flash season two, episode seventeen: “Duet.” There’s this awful …

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‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Unleashes the Vulture in New Trailer

Spiderman Homecoming

A brand new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer brings destruction to Manhattan as Michael Keaton's Vulture takes flight.

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‘Final Fantasy XV’ Receives First DLC with ‘Episode Gladiolus’

final fantasy xv episode gladiolus

The first DLC for Final Fantasy XV is now live with Episode: Gladiolus.  The episode, available now as a standalone package for $4.99 …

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‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ Musical Review: “Duet”

the flash 217 supergirl cover

The Flash Season 3, Episode 17: “Duet” Original Air Date: March 21st, 2017 Grade: A+++ IT WAS SO GOOD. It was just so …

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‘The Magicians’ Channel Les Mis Before Duel To The Death

In this week’s brilliant episode of The Magicians, team Fillory channel their inner Broadway stars in a rendition of “One …

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‘Supergirl’: A Tale of Two Liars in “Star-Crossed”

supergirl 216 cover

This week on Supergirl: SHOCKING NEWS – Mon-El is the Prince of Daxam and Kara finds out the truth; the …

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The First ‘Captain Underpants’ Trailer Brings the Books to Life

Captain Underpants Trailer

Dreamworks has released the first trailer for the Captain Underpants movie!

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‘The Flash’ Review: “Into the Speedforce” Once More

the flash 216 cover 2

The Flash Season 3, Episode 16: “Into the Speedforce” Original Air Date: March 14th, 2017 Grade: A With an adventure into the speed …

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‘The Magicians’: Shadeless Julia is Beastly

Reeling from the emergency demigod exorcism in last week’s episode of The Magicians, we discover that Julia’s shade accidentally got …

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‘Beauty and the Beast’ Review: Nothing New to See In This Tale As Old As Time

beauty and the beast review

Summing up my thoughts on Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast is a tricky thing. Do I compare it …

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iZombie Season 3: First Trailer Released


After an excruciatingly painful year-long wait, the Season 3 premiere of iZombie is less than a month away! And, to whet our …

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‘Supergirl’: Are we still pretending like this isn’t Supergay?

supergirl 215 cover

This week on Supergirl: Sanvers gets decent screen time, Alex is bad ass, and Kara saves Lena, again. Spoilers through …

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