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‘Supergirl’: Are we still pretending like this isn’t Supergay?

supergirl 215 cover

This week on Supergirl: Sanvers gets decent screen time, Alex is bad ass, and Kara saves Lena, again. Spoilers through …

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‘The Magicians’ Review: The Brakebills 6 Rob a Bank

In this week’s episode of The Magicians, we get a magical Ocean’s 11 style bank heist with Margo playing Danny Ocean. Naturally …

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‘Shadowhunters’: Who Took The Soul Sword In The Winter Finale End?

This week was the winter finale of Shadowhunters season 2 and what an explosive episode it was with tons of …

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‘Logan’ Review: One Last Ride


If you're a fan of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine in the X-Men movie franchise, then it is pretty safe to assume that you should run, not walk to the theaters to watch Logan.

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‘The Magicians’ Review: 4 Things You Need to Know in ‘The Cock Barrens’

The Magicians Season 2, Episode 6: The Cock Barrens Airdate: March 1, 2017 On The Magicians this week the squad …

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‘Shadowhunters’ Review: Almost Everyone Wants Clary Dead

Things are not looking well for our heroine Clary this week on Shadowhunters. Firstly the bloodoath she made with Iris …

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‘Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Open Beta: A Beautiful World Filled With “Meh”

ghost recon wildlands 1

Ubisoft’s latest open-world venture, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, has been described as a mash-up between Far Cry, The Division, and Just …

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Sauron Returns! ‘Middle-Earth: Shadow of War’ Releases First Cinematic Trailer

shadow of war

 After Target leaked a cover image for the planned sequel to Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Warner Bros. was forced …

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What Is Happening To The Relationships On ‘Supergirl’?

Supergirl 213 cover

This week on Supergirl: Sanvers has a two minute date and I guess we’re really doing this whole Mon-El/Kara relationship, …

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Chopped Hands, Centaurs, Threesomes, and More on ‘The Magicians’

The Magicians Season 2, Episode 4: The Flying Forest Airdate: February 15, 2017   This week’s episode of The Magicians …

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‘Shadowhunters’: The Angel Ithuriel Is Held Captive

In this week’s epic episode of Shadowhunters we met an actual angel. This being from heaven is Ithuriel and unfortunately …

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‘I Am Not Your Negro’ Review

I Am Not Your Negro

Art inspires, but at times it can make us uncomfortable.

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