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NYCC 2015: ’12 Monkeys’ Interview – Jennifer Goes Sane and Cassie Will Learn to Manipulate Time in Season 2

12 Monkeys

The cast and showrunner of Syfy’s 12 Monkeys took New York Comic Con by storm Thursday afternoon as the series previewed its upcoming second season on the Main Stage. Premiering in April 2016, the cast revealed that the time traveling sci-fi drama will venture into new eras, face bigger threats, and promises to answer some of season one’s biggest questions.

The Workprint caught up with series stars Emily Hampshire and Amanda Schull to discuss a saner Jennifer and Cassie’s relationship with time and Cole in season two of 12 Monkeys during a press roundtable.

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The full interview can be found in the video below:

Both of your characters ended season one with big steps that are dramatically changing your worlds. Can you talk about what’s coming up for them going into season two?

Emily – This season you will see a sane Jennifer. I cant say how that is going to happen or why, but enough to say that you will see an entirely different side of her. Also, this season I play Old Jennifer a lot more, which we touched upon last season, but this season we spend a lot of time with Old Jennifer and I’ve come to really love that girl.

Is that 2043 Jennifer?

Emily – Yea, yea.

Is she sane there or….

Amanda – Oooo! Sneaky, sneaky!

Emily – The thing about sane is that it is pretty subjective, you know. I never thought Jennifer is crazy.

Amanda – Also Jennifer has lived a life. What she’s heard, seen, and done, what’s she is saying to someone may sound insane, but it’s true.

Emily – Yea! I always felt that about Jennifer, that she knows the truth about things.

She’s not mental. She’s misunderstood.

Emily – I feel that about most crazy people in general, that people call crazy. It’s a fact that a lot of people with any kind of mental illness sometimes are less inhibitive than we are and will say the truth about things, like children go to the heart of something. I think it’s kind of crazy sometimes to call them crazy.

In the season two preview we see Cassie and Cole standoff at gunpoint at one another. They’ve had their differences in season one and have butted heads. What can we expect from their relationship in season two? 

Amanda – They spend time together being partners as well as adversaries, which I think is safe to say because they now have a different perspective. Cole has seen a different side of humanity and Cassie has seen the worst side of humanity now. They approach things differently than they did before. They’re not the people they were when they first met, but at the same time they are really good partners when they work together. We see them go on this journey that is misunderstood at times, but also really compatible at other times.

Both of your characters have dealt with time in very different ways. How would you describe your characters relationship to time?

Amanda – I think that with Cassie in particular to the episode that we are filming right now in 2008, she has a very contemptuous relationship with time, but she also learns how to play it. She learns how to use time in her favor although it takes a few tries before she understands how she can manipulate time. When you see episode 2×08, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Emily – Jennifer’s relationship with time is a very intimate one.

12 Monkeys returns to Syfy for its second season in April 2016.

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