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New WandaVision Variant Cover Unveiled for Scarlet Witch #3 by David Nakayama

The New MCU Variant for SCARLET WITCH #3 is available on March 8th

Cover Art: David Nakayama

Fans of WandaVision can enjoy a new variant cover revealed by Marvel Comics today. The Westview and MCU-themed TV series inspired an ultra-sharp-looking variant cover available for Scarlet Witch #3 drawn by acclaimed artist, David Nakayama.

The cover honors the Emmy Award-winning series in a poster-styled cover with Wanda front and center, dueling Visions firing laser beams at each other during the show’s epic climax, Monica Rambeau, and everyone’s favorite spell caster from behind the scenes, Agatha Harkness. The cover is featured for Steve Orlando and artist Sara Pichelli’s continuing all-new SCARLET WITCH run available in stores right now.

This ongoing Scarlet Witch comic series sees Wanda Maximoff in an entirely new light as a superhero who comes to those in desperate need. Available for hire through this mysterious metaphysical door, behind it, lies a mysterious witchcraft shop and the Scarlet Witch. Whenever the need is great and all hope is lost, friend or foe, the Scarlet Witch will be there helping her powers to anyone who needs them whenever they’re at their lowest.

It kicks off when a woman falls through Wanda’s door with a terrifying story of a town gone mad, which is not an unfamiliar premise to viewers of the character’s TV series. As a result, the Scarlet Witch has to muster all of her chaos magic to help resolve this town’s dire problem.

Now, WandaVision was easily one of the most groundbreaking series upon its release. It was the American Film Institute’s winner for Television’s Best Program of the Year and won an Art Direction Guild Award for Excellence in Production Design for a Television Movie or Limited Series. The series also won a Hollywood Critics Association award for best streaming limited series and a highly coveted Nebula Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation.

Atop of this, there were two Critics Choice Super Awards given to Elizabeth Olsen, for best Superhero in playing Wanda Maximoff, and Best Villain for Katheryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness. The show was also nominated for an Annie Award for Best Sponsored Production and is available streaming with a Disney+ subscription right now.

The ongoing comics run seems to be playing heavily into all of this with the first two issues in stores now, and this third issue, along with the variant cover, hitting comic book shops near you on March 8th.

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