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‘Killjoys’ Recap: The Sugar Point Run

KILLJOYS -- "The Sugar Point Run" Episode 102 -- Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Ashmore as John, Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Luke Macfarlane as D'Avin -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)

Season 1, Episode 2: “The Sugar Point Run″
Air date: June 26, 2015
Grade: B

Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin are back in this week’s episode of Killjoys as the trio find themselves tasked with a hostage exchange in hostile territory.

The show opens with a bang as our favorite reclamation agents chase a ship in the Outer Quad carrying stolen Qreshi sea salts. Johnny has managed to hook a towing line but the other craft is much larger and is putting up a fight, damaging poor Lucy! Meanwhile D’avin is asleep (shirtless in case you were wondering) and is still suffering from PTSD with nightmares of past battles. He wakes up in his usual way gun out and ready to fire at any perceived threats. Back at the controls, Johnny manages to give Dutch enough time to board the other ship and serve their warrant. She subdues the Monsoon’s captain since flimsy knives are no match for her mighty helmet!

Post Qreshi sea salts gig, Dutch bluntly tells D’avin that he needs to crash somewhere else, prickling the guy’s pride. Unfortunately he’s in a bad spot with no money, no job, and no papers. His younger brother offers to help but D’avin can’t stand the idea of getting stuck in the mines or any other crappy work that he would qualify for with out having any legal permits to be in Westerly. He basically needs to be able to spread his wings and be free!

D’avin angrily storms off Lucy to get a drink but is stopped by Company guards who have a new warrant for Dutch and Johnny. A man in a red jumpsuit is loaded into their ship as a Company representative tells Dutch that her task is to bring the prisoner to Sugar Point and meet with the warlord Rio to exchange him for the mayor’s daughter (who has been kidnapped by the warlord). Dutch is naturally suspicious that the Company would free a convict, but the man says its politics and having the mayor’s gratitude can’t hurt either.

Back on the ship, the trio are dealing with a sick Simon (the prisoner and Rio’s brother) who pukes blue goop soon after his restraints are put on. He begs to have them removed lest he throws up the whole way to Sugar Point and the all too trusting Johnny relents. The Jaqobis then share a tender moment as D’avin admits that his younger brother is right and that he’ll look for a job after they finish this warrant.

We cut to a flashback scene where a younger Dutch is given a red box, much like the one in the previous episode. Khlyen, her trainer, instructs her that she has one week to kill the person who’s name is in the box or else bad things will happen. He looks exactly the same from when Dutch was a child to the present, he must be immortal. In addition if you haven’t figured it out yet, Khlyen is super creepy in an overly affectionate stalker kind of way.

KILLJOYS -- "The Sugar Point Run" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Aaron Ashmore as John -- (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)
KILLJOYS — “The Sugar Point Run” Episode 102 — Pictured: Aaron Ashmore as John — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)

As soon as the team enters Sugar Point, things go terribly wrong. They get shot down from the sky landing in scavenger territory where Lucy is grounded from damage. Somehow they also need to make their way to Rio to do the swap. To make matters worse, Simon escapes since a certain someone had allowed him to skip the restraints. After some arguing, Dutch and D’avin end up going after the prisoner while Johnny stays behind to fix the ship.

Once D&D leave, a group of scavengers arrive attempting to take Lucy. With her power reserves diminishing, the younger Jaqobi has the brilliant idea of letting the group into the spacecraft and then killing the oxygen while he digs around their vehicle for a spare part he needs. Unfortunately for Johnny the towering one with lots of muscles scavenger wore a helmet that gave him much needed O2. Cue fight scene.

Meanwhile Dutch and D’avin catch up with Simon only to be captured by other scavengers. They wake up strapped to operating tables and see their prisoner be sliced and diced for his own spare parts. Luckily thanks to her super secret ninja assassin training, the rec agent dislocates her shoulder and wiggles out of the restraints. She then frees D’avin, but poor Simon is a goner. Still, not everything is lost as Dutch pulls out a spherical object from the guy’s gut that she suspects is the thing that Rio actually wants. They discover that it contains some mysterious launch codes.

When they finally manage to get to Rio’s territory, D’avin asks Dutch to trust him as he formulates a plan to get the mayor’s daughter and prevent Rio from getting the codes at the same time. He taunts the scavengers outside and uses the two groups animosity against each other to their advantage. He throws some kind of light grenade that renders people momentarily blind (he has protective shades of course) and chaos ensues. Dutch goes to grab the kidnapped girl and the three of them work their way to the roof of the building. D’avin then conveniently finds the missile the warlord was planning to use.

The rooftop scene highlights their differing personalities even more as  D’avin is still thinking like a soldier while an annoyed Dutch is focused on her warrant. Her motives are to get the mayor’s daughter out of the area safely while he is considering the implications of leaving a criminal with a functioning weapon of mass destruction.

KILLJOYS — “The Sugar Point Run” Episode 102 — Pictured: (l-r) Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Luke Macfarlane as D’Avin — (Photo by: Steve Wilkie/Syfy)

A pissed off Rio manages to catch up with them and just as she’s about to have her goons attack, Johnny shows up with Lucy and saves the day. The warlord attempts to launch the device, but sneaky D’avin has tampered it, resulting in a beautiful rooftop explosion. Bravo soldier boy!

On their way back, Johnny asks Dutch who broke into Lucy after he finds out earlier that she had increased the ship’s security. She lies and tells him that she was paranoid about D’avin. He doesn’t buy it though and knows that she’s hiding something. But out of respect he doesn’t ask what and just implies that she should take care of her business. Of course what’s really bothering her is creepy Khlyen and that red box. Viewers see that he had tied young Dutch and an unknown man across from each other with a knife in between them. Whomever got to the weapon first would live (very Hunger Games). She manages kill the guy, learning the hard way that this is how she would be punished if she didn’t do as she was told.

The episode ends with Johnny and D’avin grabbing a drink in Old Town, the latter being granted a visiting pass courtesy of the mayor. Dutch joins them and suggests that the older Jacobi brother become a killjoy like them. She’ll sponsor him and if he pasts the test he’ll have a place onboard Lucy. Johnny is totally surprised by this and probably feels a little iffy about it. Obviously there’s sibling rivalry going on and D’avin still hasn’t revealed what’s happened to him. Dutch has bigger issues to worry about though right now though, like a crazy ex-mentor stalking her.

Will D’avin pass the RAC tests? We’ll find out next week!


Killjoys airs Fridays on Syfy at 9/8 central.

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