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‘Jane the Virgin’ Fantasy Rankings: #TeamMichael vs. #TeamRafael

jane the virgin michael vs rafael

After last week’s episode of Jane the Virgin, the love triangle between Jane, Michael, and Rafael is becoming a bigger plot point on the show and eventually, Jane is going to have to choose between the two men. But how does one choose between two adorably devoted characters?

With numbers and pro/con lists, of course. All that neurotic list-making behavior is finally paying off, Jen!

Let’s go ahead and break it down based on what we’ve seen through season 2, episode 3:



Knows Jane better than anyone: +10 pts
Risked his job to save Mateo: +5 pts
Knowledge of the Villanueva women: +5 pts
Relationship with Rogelio: +5 pts
Stable job: +5 pts


Put Mateo at risk because of his connection to Sin Rostro: -20 pts
Seems like the “safe” choice for Jane: -5 pts
Jealous of Rafael: -5 pts



Mateo’s father: +5 pts
Passionate connection with Jane: +5 pts
Willing to give up job and worldly possessions for Jane and Mateo: +5 pts
That skin-to-skin contact time (I’m superficial): +30 pts


PETRA (and now she’s pregnant with his baby): -10 pts
Has a horrible track record with telling the truth: -5 pts
Told Jane he didn’t love her: -10 pts
Doesn’t know her family/traditions that well: -5 pts
Poor relationship with Rogelio: -5 pts


Michael: 15 pts.

Rafael: 10 pts.


Season two has definitely skewed the lines in favor of Michael but Rafael being the biological father could still swing things for Jane at the last minute. Who knows? Since things have been in Michael’s favor lately, it seems like the next episode is going to have to give us more good Rafael moments to keep that tension going. I’m willing to bet Rafael earns at least 15 more points in next week’s episode.

Thoughts? Which team tickles your fancy?


    • I’m not ashamed to say I was #TeamRafael last year. HAVE YOU SEEN THAT DUDE? Besides, Michael was being a doofus. That dance scene with Jane and Rafael was my favorite moment of last season but this year, so far, it’s totally #TeamMichael. LOOK AT THIS SHOW MAKING ME INTO A FLIP-FLOPPER.

  1. I’m still #TeamRafael. His actions were shitty but he was coming from a good place. While I am the last person rooting for Sunday dinners with Petra and her stolen offspring, I give him kudos for not abandoning her like his mother did when things got tough. And I’m sorry but #skintoskincontact and the fact that they share a bond about missing a parent, thus propelling them to be the best parents to Mateo. He owns a hotel but was sleeping on her couch! I feel like Michael is too insecure and controlling, playing on his past history with Jane and ALWAYS showing up! I mean, seriously?! While the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I don’t feel that he can be totally faulted for following in the only parental footsteps he had. Credit should be given to the hot rich guy who became enlightened while the “good guy” is still doing shady things to the point where his boss is secretly investigating him.

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