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‘iZombie’ Review: “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2”


Season 3 Episode 13: “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2”
Original Air Date: June 27, 2017

This week on iZombie: Discovery Day has arrived and Seattle will never be the same.

This post includes spoilers through the season finale of iZombie “Looking for Mr. Goodbrain, Part 2”

Plan B

Following the FG house party explosion, Team Z plus Justin reconvene at Major and Ravi’s abode to process the event. Justin is pouty and demands to know why his exclusive girlfriend Liv was not by his side at the party. Liv decides that honesty is the best route to go in this situation, so she brings him upstairs to admit that she had hot hot hotel desk sex with Chase. Okay, that is not how she worded it, but let’s be honest, that’s what it was. Liv blames the tryst on Katty Kupp’s addiction to anonymous sex, saying that she wasn’t able to fight this brain’s urges. Justin does not want to hear Liv’s excuses and storms out of the house screaming “Really? Chase Graves?” I understand that Justin is hurt and he is also grieving the death of his FG mates, but meh, I really do not feel that much sympathy for Justin. Maybe I am just a heartless monster. Also, it should be noted that Liv’s absence from the party is the only reason that he and Major are still alive.

Chin up Justin, this could have been you.

Following that outburst, Clive, Liv, and Ravi discuss the other impending Seattle Crisis: The Aleutian Flu. Clive “downloads” them on his newest development: Tatum is living at Carey Gold’s house, and Patrice is Carey’s daughter. Also, Patrice only flew to and from Paris on Chase’s request so he could have his cute little pup with him in the States. This is when a lightbulb pops up above Ravi’s head and he screams out “ZOINKS.” The dog, well his anti barking dog collar, is how FG brought the virus to Seattle. The only problem is that they can’t confirm that Chase’s dog has this dog collar, right? Wrong, Liv can totally confirm the presence of the anti-bark collar because she saw it after her hotel desk sex session.

This is all speculation though, just because the dog was wearing the collar doesn’t mean that it was actually spraying the Aleutian Flu virus at every bark. To prove that Chase is indeed the big bad, Liv decides to break into his house (which I thought was not supposed to be ready until the following day, but details) by chugging some Super Max and Wonder Womaning herself over the back hedges. Unfortunately, Liv isn’t a highly skilled superhero yet and lands directly into Chase’s pool.

“You should worry more about my bark than my bite in this case”

Chase, ever the gentlemen, invites Clive and Liv inside where he throws her drench clothes in the dryer, offers her a warm fluffy robe, and a sit down in his impeccably decorated living room. Liv and Clive interrogate Chase, and he is able to skirt around and pivot from each and every accusation. The scene was written and directed so that the audience would think that Chase was guilty. Not me though, I have faith in my man C.G!

My faith in Chase was rewarded when he later calls the real Big Bad, Carey Gold, into his office for a chat. Gold is only able to deny her role as the evil mastermind for half a second before she is like “Yeah I did it! Watcha gonna do about it!” She enacted Plan B in order to protect zombies, and Chase and Vivian were fools if they believed that Zombie Island was going to work.

Carey admits to all of her crimes. She had Fred, Wally’s uncle, killed because he warned Chase about an unloyal faction forming within the company, and then placed the blame on the Zombie Truthers. She killed the beautiful and wonderful Vivian Stoll because she was unwilling to do what was needed to be done aka bringing the Aleutian Flu to Seattle to enact “Plan B”.

Chase calls in a security detail to escort the traitorous Carey off the FG Campus only to learn that they are working for her. It should be noted that during this whole little chat Chase is cleaning his pistol, either to intimidate Carey or just because it needed a good cleaning. I cannot say for certain either way. One of the security buffoons makes a joke about how Chase picked the wrong time to clean his gun. But seriously, who do they think they are dealing with, an amateur? This is Chase fucking Graves, of course, he has another gun on him and he shoots the three guards and Carey Gold right in the head just as Liv and Clive arrive to inform Chase that Carey is behind everything.


Now that Liv knows that the Aleutian Flu is related to “Plan B” her next step is to figure out what the fuck is going on with the Flu vaccine. What she finds out is that FG is injecting zombie blood into each vaccine turning each person vaccinated into a zombie. This is of grave concern because the entire city of Seattle is lining up in droves to get their vaccine and hundreds of citizens have already received the vaccination. Meaning, hundreds of citizens are now Zombies. One of those vaccinated citizens is the forever skeezy news anchor Johnny Frost.

With no other option, no way of turning back time or undoing what has been done, Liv decides it is finally time to reveal the truth to her city, and Johnny Frost will be the one to deliver the message to the masses. Johnny announces to his viewers that zombies are real and everyone who received a vaccination will become a zombie. He urges his viewers not to panic though, just like the flu, this is a virus albeit a virus that unfortunately makes you crave brains and turns your very pale. Nonetheless, being infected does not change who people are. They are still your neighbors and your friends.

After Johnny Frost’s announcement, Chase and his FG troops storm the new station to air their own video explaining to the city how Fillmore Graves and the city will handle the situation moving forward. His hope for Seattle is that everyone will be able to live together in peace. Humans are free to leave but are welcome to stay in Seattle among their zombie neighbors. Next, he addresses the elephant in the room, procuring brains. The zombies of Seattle promise not to feed off any living human brains, instead, their food source will be supplied by deceased humans across the country who donate their brains for consumption. This is the deal that FG will make with the country: if America promises to donate the brains of their deceased to Seattle, the zombie population promises to stay contained within Seattle.

Chase: “Remember, a well-fed zombie is a happy zombie.”

Additionally, those who have contracted the disease have the option of being scratched instead of dying. Within the next few days, the virus will be eliminated.

When the video ends, Liv looks at Chase with disgust. She accuses him of holding the rest of the country hostage to obtain brain. Finally, exhausted from Liv’s constant judging Chase sighs:

Chase: “You can stop judging me now, I didn’t put this plan into action. I supposed I could have let everyone with the Aleutian flu die.”

I love this little moment because it is the first time that Liv realizes that Chase is, for lack of a better term, human. He has emotions. He isn’t just this sarcastic, cocky dude. He cares about his men, and he cares about the people of Seattle, human and zombies alike. This now forces Liv to examine her feelings for Chase and what sleeping with him actually meant.

The utopia of zombies and humans coexisting peacefully in Seattle is not going to be easy to achieve though. The newly infected zombies rush to food stations across the city while scared humans raid gun shops to ensure their safety but also to kill the zombies around them.

Discovery Day has finally arrived, and the city of Seattle has a long and difficult road ahead of them.

Ravi and Liv

You might have been wondering “Where was Ravi this entire episode?” Well, he was in the lab trying to create a Zombie Vaccine. While rummaging through Katty’s belongings, he found two vials of tainted Utopium from the boat party. The Utopium that is required for making the cure!
Unfortunately, there was only residue but using fancy science stuff and bunsen burners he is able to extract just enough of the drug to create a Zombie Vaccine. Or what he hopes is a Zombie Vaccine. Ravi pops the potential Zombie Vaccine Sugar Cube into his mouth and asks Liv to scratch him. Liv protests, scared that the vaccine won’t work, scared that yet another one of the people closest to her will become infected. But she knows that Ravi will not take no for an answer. They started this together and god help him, Ravi will work until his dying or undead day trying to cure Liv. They each profess their platonic love for each other, and Liv does the honors of scratching Ravi.

This, too, is what besties look like

Other Things

  1. I am a little annoyed/confused that the storyline of the stolen Zombie Cures wasn’t even addressed in the finale. That was a HUGE plot point for the first half of the season. It was basically the epicenter of Major’s, Blaine’s, and Ravi’s plot for the first half of the season. I mean, it was the thing that could make Liv human again and then it got stolen! After the cure was stolen though, team Z spent like 20 minutes looking for it, and then just stopped. That makes no sense to me.
  2. Dale Bozzio is back and after Clive tells her about Zombies they make up and are a couple again. Sadly though, Dale receives the vaccine before Clive could stop her. There is an adorable scene of Clive helping Dale dye her end at the end of the episode which I thought was so touching and I just love Clive so much.iZombie
  3. Major becomes a zombie again so he can be an FG soldier again.
  4. Liv has a vision Patrice Gold attacking Katty Kupps with a field hockey stick and heads to the Gold residence to investigate some more. While at the house Patrice attempts to attack Liv with a field hockey stick as well, but two zombie teens are no match for Ms. Liv Moore. With Pretty Little Liars now gone, it is heartwarming to know that iZombie is continuing the tradition of having teens use field hockey sticks as murder weapons.
    This stick may or may not have been buried in The Hastings’ back yard.

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